Apple, let me write off: Huawei presented a credit card Huawei Card

From the moment that Huawei was deprived of access to Google services, one thing was obvious to everyone: either the Chinese would find a replacement for them and emerge victorious from the situation, or they would lose and again become a local electronics manufacturer known only in the Middle Kingdom. Moreover, much more was believed in the second, given that it had never even occurred to anyone to do something like that. However, in less than a year Huawei, it launched several branded services, upgraded its app store quite well and was able to go even further in the development of its ecosystem than Google could.

Apple, let me write off: Huawei presented a credit card Huawei Card

Huawei decided that it was not enough for her to compete only with Google, so she swung at Apple

The company Huawei introduced its own payment card called Huawei Card. Obviously, in this way the Chinese decided to answer Apple with her Apple Card, which is very popular in the United States. Despite the fact that so far there are very few details about the map Huawei, we have collected everything that is known about it and are sharing this information with you.

How Huawei Card differs from Apple Pay

Apple, let me write off: Huawei presented a credit card Huawei Card

Huawei Card – almost the same as Apple Card, but not as profitable

  • Huawei Card will be released in both physical and virtual versions. The virtual version of the card can be issued through the Huawei Pay application;
  • Physical Huawei Card, unlike Apple Card, will support contactless payments, so you can pay for purchases even if your smartphone runs out of power;
  • It is not yet known which bank will issue the Huawei Card, but it is known that the payment system on the basis of which the card will operate will be Union Pay;
  • Huawei Card, like Apple Card, will be credit. This means that not everyone will be able to issue it, but only adult smartphone users Huawei with a good credit history;
  • Unlike Apple Card, Huawei Card will be paid. So far, the cost of the annual service has not been announced, but it is known that the first year will be free, and for the second one can not be paid by spending a certain amount
  • Huawei Card uses the same security protocols as Huawei Pay, in addition to classic security mechanisms like 3D Secure, etc.

It is obvious that Huawei Card, despite the fact that it is, in fact, a copy of Apple Card, is not aimed at competing with the solution Apple. Still, Apple Card will not be able to entice users Apple. This means that the Chinese pursued another goal, which consisted of a banal expansion of their influence. Thus, they, firstly, will have access to information about their customers' payments. And, secondly, thanks to the Huawei Card, the Chinese will get an advantage over Google, which has no such product. Therefore, the likelihood that users will start choosing smartphones Huawei increases, especially if the company offers them favorable terms of service.

Why do I need Huawei Card

Apple, let me write off: Huawei presented a credit card Huawei Card

Huawei Card can be issued directly in the application Huawei Pay

So far, this is just speculation, because the positions Huawei in China are already quite strong, while in Russia and other countries Huawei Card will not work – at least at an early stage -. And for this to happen, Huawei will have to agree not only with some local bank, but also with the payment system. After all, the average Russian is unlikely to use Union Pay, simply because he has never heard of it, but MasterCard, Visa, or at worst MIR is very likely.

But even this is not enough for success Huawei Card. For the project to be successful, the Chinese have to jump over their heads and provide users with mega-favorable conditions for cashback or installments, which would be more attractive than those of Russian banks. Now, for our market, cashback of 1% is the norm and the ability to make purchases in installments without interest for up to a year. Therefore, in order for me to switch to Huawei Card, I need at least 2% cashback in money and profitable special offers like 5% cashback in supermarkets, pharmacies and cinema.

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