5 Telegram features many people forget about

Telegram has long and rightfully taken its place among the most popular instant messengers in the world. Of course, he is still far from WhatsApp, but still, as many loyal fans as Pavel Durov's brainchild have, others still have to look. The secret of popularity is easy to explain – the program is simple, not overloaded with unnecessary elements, but at the same time it has great functionality, and most importantly, the ability to use it from several devices simultaneously. Despite the fact that Telegram is mostly used by tech-savvy people, even for them there are some things that they did not know. After reading this article, many will understand Telegram a little better.

5 Telegram features many people forget about

There are many features in Telegram that not everyone knows about or simply forget.

Telegram automatic night mode

Dark theme and night mode are in fashion now more than ever. Everyone wants to have everything dark. Menu, home screen, settings and, of course, applications. Telegram also has a night mode and it can be configured very well and clearly. There are three modes: automatic theme matching to smartphone settings, “scheduled” mode and constant on or off.

In addition to this, there is also an adaptive mode. When launched, the app automatically switches between light and dark modes based on lighting conditions. The sensitivity of the adjustment can be adjusted using the slider.

5 Telegram features many people forget about

This will activate night mode.

To activate the function, you need to go to the Telegram settings in the application itself. Next, select “Chat Settings” and go to “Night Mode”. The job is done and all that remains is to choose what you need.

How to enable chat folders in Telegram

Chat folders have appeared relatively recently, but they have their own charm, and if you accustom yourself to them, it will be very convenient to use them for some tasks.

Chat folders allow you to sort your conversations into different groups. If I need news, I can flip through my news folder and find what I need there. If I need to see what they wrote to me about work, it will also be very easy. Such division of chats for many will be just a gift of fate. This way you can get rid of hundreds or two of unnecessary notifications per day.

5 Telegram features many people forget about

Configuring folders for messages.

To add a chat to a folder, you just need to press and hold on it until a menu appears at the top of the screen. After that, you only need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and add the chat to the desired folder. It's that simple!

How to save messages and files in Telegram

Sometimes you just need to save some application so that it is not lost. For this purpose, a chat called “Saved Messages” or simply “Favorites” has appeared in Telegram for a long time. Once upon a time it was a chat with myself, but the management of the messenger clearly understood what people were doing with this chat and renamed it.

In it, you can simply save important messages or use it for work. For example, I use it as a work plan. They sent me a message that something needs to be done, I send it to “Favorites” with all the links and do it. When I'm done, I just delete the message.

To do this, you just need to touch the message for a while, select “forward” and send the message to “Favorites”. It will be above all contacts.

5 Telegram features many people forget about

It is not only possible to forward messages, but also necessary

Many have heard about this opportunity, but few use it. Just keep this in mind and give it a try if you haven't already.

Telegram channels

Channels are slightly different from conversations because they are one-way. A channel is a way for someone to send you relevant information and nothing more. For example, in our news channel only news and useful tips are published, and if you need to communicate with someone, then for this we have a Telegram chat.

Many have stumbled upon channels, but you can use them for yourself. Click “Create”, then create your channel step by step and you can upload notes or a work plan to it. The difference from “favorites” will be that there is only one folder, and you can create as many channels as you need, and nothing will be lost. For example, I store important links in one channel, materials for websites in another, and assignments from the editor-in-chief sent in any of the working chats in the third.

5 Telegram features many people forget about

Creating channels can be useful for everyone, not just bloggers.

What is Telegram X

Telegram X is essentially an extensive beta program for a regular application. Almost all the new features recently added to the app started life there. Apart from testing features before deploying them to the main application, Telegram X has its own set of features.

It also has pre-installed themes. Telegram X has an extensive theme editor that allows you to tailor the appearance of the app to your needs. It also supports import and export of themes so that you can share your creations with your friends or followers.

5 Telegram features many people forget about

Telegram X will provide such opportunities that the other version will not give.

You can even choose the emoji pack you want to use. Many messengers prefer to use emoji from Apple, but Telegram X gives more freedom in this regard.

In addition, Telegram X supports a new background refresh feature. When the files are downloaded, you just have to agree to install them. Changes will take effect after reboot, so you will not be kicked out of the chat. Interestingly, even Google has not yet implemented this approach in all of its applications.

If you all knew this, then just remember these functions, because many people know them, but do not use them. I especially advise you to pay attention to the chat folders and the ability to save what you need to favorites or channels.

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