With the new feature, YouTube wanted to be like Instagram, but it turned out so-so

Every new feature of YouTube is viewed by users literally under a microscope. All because of the boundless and pure love for this service, which is used by an insane number of people around the world. This time YouTube decided to try to become like Instagram and introduce the ability to quickly publish short videos that are somewhat reminiscent of the famous “stories”, which have become a real boon and are gaining more and more popularity. Only now it turns out that video hosting is not very good. Remember how at school the teachers used to say “for their efforts five, in the subject – a C”? Or was it just my chemist saying that? In general, YouTube is not doing very well so far for one single reason.

With the new feature, YouTube wanted to be like Instagram, but it turned out so-so

YouTube is cool. Instagram cool. But is it necessary to mix them?

New YouTube Feature

YouTube is testing a new, at first glance, interesting function of shooting and uploading videos for its authors via a mobile application. If it gets widespread, it will allow people to record multiple clips directly from the YouTube app and upload them as a new video. However, there is a limitation that, to be honest, looks a little odd.

Due to this limitation, creators will only be able to record 15 second clips at a time. Or does this only apply to the edited and prepared video clip? The explanations of the company are somewhat vague and it is still difficult to clearly understand what comes out of this.

To take a video, you must press or hold the record button. To stop recording, release the button or press it again. You can continue to do these steps until you get the video you wanted to shoot. You just need to remember that its duration cannot be more than 15 seconds.

With the new feature, YouTube wanted to be like Instagram, but it turned out so-so

Stories are very popular, but what does YouTube have to do with it?

It can be assumed that the company will not restrict its users too harshly and the limit will affect not the whole video, but individual clips of which it will consist. If this is not the case and YouTube chooses the first path, then this will become a big problem, since such an opportunity will hardly be needed by anyone.

15 second YouTube videos

Even so, we tend to believe that the limitation applies to individual clips rather than where they end up glued together – posting just 15-second videos would be pointless for many YouTube users. Yes, there are many … No one will be interested in this, except for a couple of people who always want some kind of experiments and enjoy not the level of usefulness of the innovation, but from the fact that this simply did not happen before.

This limitation is likely due to YouTube stories. It was possible to record and download such videos directly in the YouTube application. Since this feature was first introduced by the creators back in 2018, it would make sense for engineers to create a new overwrite feature for the available code from Stories.

Just like stories on other platforms such as Instagram, individual clips can be up to 15 seconds long, otherwise they will split. The difference is that Instagram automatically and seamlessly creates a new clip when you record something too long. But it doesn't seem to work for YouTube for some reason.

With the new feature, YouTube wanted to be like Instagram, but it turned out so-so

The key to YouTube's success is in its audience. Of course he wants to increase it.

YouTube wants to be like Instagram

There is no doubt that the YouTube team knows what they want to do and what should come out, but the concept itself looks a little strange so far. First of all, this is a little illogical due to the fact that users on YouTube do not go the same way as in Instagram.

Insta is needed in order to view photos and those same stories. That is, the process of use turns out to be more continuous there. You can flip through the tape as much as you have free time. Then you just minimize the application and go about your business. It's the same with stories. They are short, do not commit to anything and are updated themselves, offering only the most relevant of what is.

People go to YouTube more thoroughly. For the most part, they want not just to flip through the tape, although now it has such a thing, but to fully watch the video. That is, a person chooses a video on one of his favorite channels and gives it to the creator 10-20 minutes of his time so that he can tell him something interesting.

With the new feature, YouTube wanted to be like Instagram, but it turned out so-so

Many people scroll through the feed Instagram literally on the go. YouTube is completely different.

Of course, someone watches videos in chunks and YouTube has remembered the place where you left off from time immemorial, but this is rather an exception. You can flip through the tape for at least 30 seconds, and then return to this in half an hour. It is simply impossible to watch videos like that.

If YouTube tries to erase the line between him and Instagram, then something may come of it, but for this it must entice people and give them the opportunity to post and watch records more conveniently. Now everything is going along the path of maximum simplification and relief. The TikTok example demonstrates this very well. Of course, it's good to have a real harvester, which will show the movie and let you flip through the tape, but it will be somehow cumbersome. People won't want to go into the app and choose what to watch. They need to open Instagram and here it is, or start YouTube and see a selection of interesting things.

In general, as you can imagine, I don't really believe in YouTube's attempts to become like Instagram. And all these tapes and stories in the app are for me like Vladimir Solovyov unpacking his phone. Burnout, but nothing more.

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