Why Google should kill Android Go

I think you managed to notice that performance has long ceased to be the defining criterion when choosing a smartphone. Now that even entry-level processors show higher processing power than the flagships 3-4 years ago, it has ceased to matter. The only thing that at least somehow interests users – of course, in addition to the camera – is the amount of RAM, which should be as large as possible. Therefore, it is rather strange that Google continues to develop the Android Go project, and the manufacturers support it with the release of new compatible devices.

Why Google should kill Android Go

Android Go has completely outlived itself, and it's time to give it up

For those in the tank, I will explain. Android Go is a lightweight version of the original Android, targeted at entry-level devices. No, you did not understand. Really entry-level. The key requirement is the amount of RAM not more than 1.5 GB. But, as a rule, smartphones on Android Go have no more than 1 GB, and sometimes even less. For Android Go there are special lightweight versions of applications with the most stripped down functionality. This allows them to work fairly quickly, despite the weak iron.

Should I buy a smartphone on Android Go

Why Google should kill Android Go

Google has released a series of stripped-down apps for Android Go, but they are no longer relevant

In general, everything is fine. Google is helping to ensure that Android works fine not only on flagships, as it used to be, but also on the weakest and cheapest smartphones. Except, in my opinion, in 2k20 this theory is no longer just not relevant, but fundamentally wrong and erroneous. See for yourself.

Today, even the weakest processors – Snapdragon 600 series, MediaTek, Kirin 700 series – are quite productive solutions that plug the flagships, if not three or four, then five years ago, for sure. Well, I'm not talking about the RAM. Yes, today there are almost no smartphones left with less than 4 GB of RAM. Yes, there are some instances with 3 GB of RAM. But it is difficult to call them other than renegades, because it is rather difficult to find practical use for them.

What's wrong with Android Go

Needless to say about devices with 1 GB of RAM. What can they do anyway? Not only do they have the most simple hardware, mediocre functionality, they also cannot withstand any competition with smartphones based on the normal Android. Even Redmi Note 8 will obviously be preferable to any Nokia 1 Plus or Redmi Go. Yes, it will be 3-4 thousand rubles more expensive, but this money is definitely worth paying in addition, because in return you will receive a whole range of advantages that are not available for devices on Android Go.

Why Google should kill Android Go

Smartphones on Android Go are too primitive to have a place in 2020

In general, I have a strong impression that Google has instructed manufacturers to specifically make devices on Android Go so boring, non-functional and somehow stupid. Here's what you lose by buying such a smartphone instead of a normal one:

  • Normal OS with a wide range of functions;
  • Productive hardware suitable for games;
  • Full application support;
  • Fast charging support;
  • Large screen;
  • High quality camera;
  • Longer battery life and longer battery life.

And I just ran through the tops. After all, if you start digging deeper, a lot of things will be revealed that will call into question the continued existence of Android Go. Many smartphone manufacturers have already figured it out. This is clearly seen from the fact that most of them no longer release smartphones running a stripped-down version of the OS. Now these are mainly Chinese no-name vendors like Ulefone, Alcatel or Umidigi. Nokia looks rather strange in this list, but Finns have always had their own way, incomprehensible to others. We simply do not need Android Go, nor smartphones based on it.

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