WhatsApp May Become Multi-Device Login and Easy Search This Year

It just so happened that the most popular messenger of our time is WhatsApp. With all the convenience of Telegram and the love of the Chinese for WeChat, it is the messenger included in the structure Facebook that is the most massive in the world. All due to the fact that it is very simple and straightforward. But it also has disadvantages, many of which, especially after the appearance of Telegram, annoy people. It would be high time to work out all these disadvantages and turn them into advantages, but for some reason the service management was pulling. Now there is information according to which a big update of the entire WhatsApp is coming. It is this update that will put an end to its flaws. If this happens, it’s scary to even imagine how the audience of this messenger will grow.

WhatsApp May Become Multi-Device Login and Easy Search This Year

This messenger simply must be convenient for such an audience.

Updating WhatsApp

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is reportedly testing a host of new features that are expected to become available later this year. However, the exact date has not yet been announced. But if testing of ready-made developments has already begun, then we can talk about several months.

These features were first discovered by WABetaInfo and merged by XDA Dewelopers. The innovation is potentially aimed at reducing the impact of the long-awaited addition of in-app ads. This update has something for everyone that he has been waiting for.

Sign in to WhatsApp from multiple devices

Among the most useful expected features will be the ability to log in from multiple devices and an updated storage utility. This is what was reportedly confirmed in WABetaInfo testing. If all is as promised, WhatsApp will support up to four devices simultaneously.

This means that users will be able to log in and support it across four devices. Against the background of what is happening now, it seems just fantastic. It is especially pleasant that these should be different devices, not just smartphones. For the average user who has a smartphone, computer and tablet, four gadgets are more than enough.

WhatsApp will receive a new 'Storage Usage' feature. In the near future, this will greatly simplify the management of the storage used by WhatsApp. A new tool for filtering, sorting and searching files will appear. The ability to sort by size and date added will be added.

New way to delete files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will also change the file deletion process to iOS. Users will be able to choose by file type between photos, GIFs and videos, as well as voice messages, documents and stickers. This way it will be possible to delete not only everything (except for the one marked with asterisks), but also certain categories of files.

WhatsApp May Become Multi-Device Login and Easy Search This Year

The files will be merged.

That's not all and there are other new features that have been discovered during testing. For example, two functions for all users in the world and one specifically for India. Although, perhaps, she will get to the rest of the countries.

New WhatsApp Features

First, WhatsApp is currently testing a way to allow users to search by date. The app already allows you to search for content in chats, but there really isn't an easy way to quickly find everything based on when it was posted.

A special calendar icon will appear, flipping through the dates of which you can go to messages for any date. As a result, after the selection is made, the search results will be displayed only for the selected date.

WhatsApp May Become Multi-Device Login and Easy Search This Year

Searching by date is very convenient.

To enhance search capabilities, WhatsApp can activate the function of sending an image to Google for image search.

WhatsApp May Become Multi-Device Login and Easy Search This Year

Google checked in here too.

The changes for India are aimed at making users in that country feel more comfortable and familiar. Given that India is home to about 1.3 billion people (roughly, like in China), such an interest in this market is most justified and it can bring both benefits and significant troubles, as was the case with TikTok.

The company is testing integration with the popular Indian social network ShareChat. The company hopes to serve over 60 million monthly active users on social media video hosting. For this, the ability to play ShareChat videos in PiP mode has now been added. They will then be played directly in the messaging application.

When will it be possible to use WhatsApp on different devices

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the features listed here are not even available in beta testing. Therefore, it is not worth rushing things and overestimating the likelihood of new features in the next couple of months.

The fact that such changes are coming is understandable, and new information only confirms this. We now know that the update may arrive as early as this year. True, it is not yet clear whether all the new functions will be released at the same time or they will appear gradually with a difference of several weeks. The second option is very possible in terms of minimizing the risk of releasing a raw product.

It is not clear for which platforms the update will be released. Most likely, it will be universal (otherwise what's the point in multi-access). It is possible that the functionality update will be accompanied by cosmetic changes and an updated interface.

We can only wait, but now we can already be almost sure that there will be updates, and the WhatsApp messenger, which is gradually becoming obsolete against the background of Telegram (where we have our own special chat) and WeChat, will become more modern.

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