What chips iOS do I want to see in Android

Despite the fact that Google had to postpone the launch of the beta testing program Android 11, it is clear that the launch of the release version will take place before the end of this year. The update promises to be one of the most interesting in recent years due to a large number of innovations. True, not all of them are the merit of Google developers, since most of them, oddly enough, were spied on Apple. Not that it was something shameful – after all, the similarity of innovations can be attributed to the logical course of development of the OS. But since. Google has taken on the adaptation of other people's ideas, in my opinion, it should have taken a closer look at iOS and licked up a number of other functions.

What chips iOS do I want to see in Android

Special approach Apple to development iOS makes it a real cool OS

List desktop

If the leaks are to be believed, there will be a new desktop display mode in iOS 14, which will allow you to change the usual grid of applications to a list. This will allow you to display more icons on the screen, which is very important in the context of the constantly growing volumes of software stored on smartphones. Apple plans to make several sections to achieve effective interaction with the list, which can be configured either manually or automatically.

What chips iOS do I want to see in Android

List desktop allows you to fit more icons on the screen

As a result, the user will be able to see several lists: the most popular, social networks, videos, etc. On Android such a thing is sorely lacking. I admit that displaying applications in a list is implemented in custom firmware, but by default the operating system does not support them. Thus, it would be possible to give users the ability to quickly access the applications they need, without flipping through an infinite number of pages and without scouring the abundance of folders.

Smartphone as a key for a car

Android has always been considered more functional than iOS, but it was Apple who was the first to implement the function of virtual keys for cars. The innovation was named CarKey and first appeared in iOS 13.4. As it turned out, Cupertino decided to use NFC in their iPhone and Apple Watch in order to replace their car keys. All you need is to put your smartphone to the doorknob, the lock will open, and the car will be ready to start.

What chips iOS do I want to see in Android

iPhone can be turned into a car key, but Android cannot

It would seem nothing complicated. After all, NFC modules in Android – smartphones appeared long before iPhone. But neither manufacturers nor Google itself are in a hurry to use near-field technology to make life easier for millions of users and, finally, save them from having to carry bulky key fobs for their cars everywhere. However, while the search giant collects its thoughts, Apple will already make another breakthrough, because recently the Cupertino-based company received permission to use virtual keys based on Ultra Wideband.

Contactless payment with a discharged smartphone

In my opinion, Google Pay has always been inferior to Apple Pay, at least in terms of convenience, at least in terms of security. I will not stop repeating that I don’t like that Google Pay doesn’t allow choosing a card on the lock screen, I don’t like that it doesn’t ask for verification for purchases under 1,000 rubles, and I don’t like that it doesn’t allow interacting with travel passes, passes and boarding passes. It seems that in Android 11 the situation should level out a little, but Apple Pay is still ahead at least due to express transport cards.

What chips iOS do I want to see in Android

Express Transit Cards allow you to pay for travel without charging

I don’t know how, but Apple I was able to teach my smartphones to pay for travel even after the smartphone was completely discharged, without asking for identity confirmation. As a result, users iPhone do not even need a charge to get home, while users Android, if they forget their travel card, and their smartphone has sat down, may experience serious problems. But, unfortunately, Google will not be able to implement the same mechanism, since it is not responsible for the components that manufacturers equip branded devices with. It's a pity.

How many are updated Android

iOS I've always liked the support. If you buy iPhone, you can be sure that Apple will renew it in no less than five years, and maybe even more depending on the circumstances. Moreover, as practice shows, the circumstances that allow the company to continue releasing updates even for the oldest smartphones arise more and more often. For example, this year Apple expects to extend support for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE, despite the frankly new hardware.

What chips iOS do I want to see in Android

Support iOS is still her feature

Google has nothing like this. The most that smartphone users on Android can expect are 2 major updates over two years and quarterly security patches for the third year. That, in general, is all. Manufacturers explain the frankly short support times by technical restrictions, but we understand that they are simply trying to save money. Therefore, I am sure that Google needs to introduce a firm rule and oblige vendors to update their smartphones for 3, and better for 4 years.

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