This PWA application will help you control your expenses

How much do we spend per month? Surely there were situations when you asked for a loan from your friends, neighbors, subscribers in Twitter. This business is not very pleasant and makes you suffer every day from just one thought that you owe something to someone. The application 'Heavy' (tzlvt) will come to the rescue. It will allow you to better control expenses by displaying on the screen the amount that can be spent per day. The peculiarity of the application is that it is available both on Google Play and the App Store, and on the web! You can install it using progressive web application technologies. I did just that.

This PWA application will help you control your expenses

Spending the budget correctly

To install it, you need to follow this link to the official website, after which you will be asked to add it to your desktop. This will install the PWA application. Having opened tzlvt, you can see that the usual browser menu has disappeared, but the application itself works on the web without installing it directly into the device's memory. This is where a certain uniqueness of such a solution is manifested – it is cross-platform and not tied to the operating system.

What is PWA?

It is a progressive web application. It is similar to regular websites, but offers additional features like caching, notifications, and no browser interface. PWAs are fully supported by Google and have access to smartphone hardware. As of spring 2018, all major browsers support Progressive Web Apps.

What does 'Heavy' do? The settings icon is located in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, a menu will open in which you can select the amount of your monthly salary. Then the application will calculate how much money can be spent every day. You can also indicate the period for which you plan to allocate the amount, which will allow you not to be tied to wages and months at all. The application is universal in this regard. For example, let's enter $ 100,000. In this case, we can spend 3333 rubles every day for 30 days. We save the data and go to the main window.

This PWA application will help you control your expenses This PWA application will help you control your expenses

Here we are met by the daily amount. After spending any money, you need to enter this data into the application using the keyboard at the bottom and click on the orange button. Let's say we spent 400 rubles. We enter the value into the application, and the daily budget is automatically updated before clicking on the orange button. If you click on it, the data will go into the spending history.

This PWA application will help you control your expenses This PWA application will help you control your expenses

Let's assume that we decided to spend another 4000 rubles, but at the same time we have only 2933 rubles left in the daily budget. In this case, the updated daily budget appears on the screen. You can see that now we can only spend 3296 rubles every day. And this number will decrease if you spend more than the due amount per day. If it turns out that we spend less, these funds will be distributed over all days and our daily budget will increase.

This PWA application will help you control your expenses

Separately, I would like to note the simple and convenient interface, which, however, can anger the owners Android – of devices due to the similarity with the stylistics iOS. It would be nice if the application allowed you to change the theme, because the dark option may not be to everyone's liking. One of the pluses is fast loading. The app loads faster than regular websites. The reason lies in caching. After the first download, PWA applications can even work offline. This is their main advantage.

Did you like 'Heavy' and are you ready to use it to more efficiently spend your family budget? Share your opinion in the comments and don't forget about our Telegram. In addition, we suggest that you share the apps you use to make the budget more efficient in the comments below.

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