The toughest glass for phones can withstand drops from 2 meters. Samsung will be the first

How unpleasant it is to drop an expensive smartphone … Even if nothing happened and it was not injured, at the moment of falling you experience a real fountain of emotions that literally overwhelm. It seems that now you pick it up, and on the screen there will be a “metro map”. Then you pick it up and see that everything is fine. At this moment, you mentally thank those who, day after day, think about how to make glasses stronger and periodically release new solutions. So it happened now. Corning – the most famous manufacturer of glass for phones – has made a new glass to replace Gorilla Glass 6. It not only resists drops better, but also does something else.

The toughest glass for phones can withstand drops from 2 meters.  Samsung will be the first

The new glass will give you much more possibilities than the old ones.

Why does the phone scratch

In fact, the Gorilla Glass brand has long been closely associated with the smartphone industry. Corning was originally a cookware company, starting its journey almost a century and a half ago. Their field of activity is much wider than just glass for smartphones. For example, this particular company should be thanked for modern automotive glass and even for some discoveries in medicine and astronomy. But ordinary users know it precisely by the glasses for smartphones.

However, Gorilla Glass screen protection doesn't always mean that your phone is protected from scratches or damage. In fact, since 2014 and the release of Gorilla Glass 3, protection has gotten better. The most recent iteration of this screen protector is Gorilla Glass 6. It effectively protects against drops, but does not always resist scratches well, and it is difficult to get away from it.

The toughest glass for phones can withstand drops from 2 meters.  Samsung will be the first

The strength of a smartphone is sometimes more important than its characteristics.

The fact is that the glass that can bend a little when dropped does not break. Then, when the smartphone is deformed, it does not crack, but “works out” the fall. But in this case it will be softer and will not be able to resist scratches as well. If you make it super hard and not scratch, then it will just prick, as it will not be elastic. This problem has been familiar since ancient times, when blacksmiths were faced with a choice of which steel to make a sword. He either broke, but not dull, or vice versa.

The toughest glass for your phone

Now good news has come from Corning and the company has released a new type of glass, which for some reason did not receive the Gorilla Glass 7 marking, but is called Victus. In Latin it means “to live”. The company says the new glass will resist scratches twice as well and withstand drops from almost two meters (6.5 feet)

Introducing Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, the toughest Gorilla Glass we've ever improved and made to resist drops and scratches alike. In our lab tests, Gorilla Glass Victus survived drops to hard, rough surfaces from heights of up to 2 meters, the official statement said.

The first smartphone with Victus glass

The company also announced that the first smartphones to receive new glass will be Samsung. The company will use a new type of glass already in smartphones this year. What does this mean? Yes, apparently, this smartphone will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. That is, Note 20, Note 20 Plus or Note 20 Ultra will come with such glass.

This is an important step forward because manufacturers are making phones with great features. For this reason, users hold on to their devices longer, and the durability of the device is the key to long and happy use. Agree, few people want to use a smartphone, which in two years will be badly scratched, or even broken altogether.

The toughest glass for phones can withstand drops from 2 meters.  Samsung will be the first

It is very unpleasant when the glass breaks.

Dropping phones can cause breakage, but as we developed better glass, the phones experienced more drops and better resistance to scratches, which should positively impact device use, '' said John Bane, Senior Vice President, Corning. our engineers concentrate on one task. It was necessary to increase the strength or fight against scratches. We now asked them to focus on improving both metrics at the same time, and they were able to create Gorilla Glass Victus.

Notably, one of Corning's videos shows Victus is so good that if you had used it on phones that were developed just three or four years ago, you could have been using them for much longer. It would be almost impossible to break them if you did not try to do it on purpose.

The toughest glass for phones can withstand drops from 2 meters.  Samsung will be the first

How much pain is in this photo

When will they start using Victus glass in large quantities?

John Bane added that besides Samsung, other device manufacturers will also receive such glass, but it will be closer to the end of this year.

I don’t know about you, but I really like this innovation. An extra 0.1-0.2 GHz and a couple of gigs of RAM are good, but in general there are already enough of them, but protecting your smartphone from serious damage is really great. Of course, you can use covers and screen protectors, but there are some peculiarities. Covers are not always convenient, and films / glasses have long become much less durable than screens, and are constantly either scratched or chipped off. The new glass should bring the end of this type of accessory even closer, and it's great when you don't have to worry about your new expensive phone. What do you think?

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