OnePlus has unveiled a new smartphone for $ 399. He is back!

OnePlus has officially unveiled its new smartphone called OnePlus Nord. For a long time we thought that it would be called OnePlus Z, but it didn't grow together. How long have I waited for this device! Since the release of the eighth generation of the beloved smartphone by many, which took place in April this year, I have not ceased to criticize the company for the price it chose for the new product. No, well, really … That price tag was just a horse, but now the price is really very pleasant and the new smartphone will easily send many competitors to hell. Now we will live. Although…

At first glance, it turned out well.

OnePlus Nord presentation

After a huge amount of hype, hints and teasers, the company finally did it. We will not go into the ideological details of such a decision now. Perhaps we will talk about this later, but for now we just need to talk about what the new product is.

Despite the fact that the OnePlus Nord is a more affordable alternative to the flagship family that was introduced a few months ago, it's still cool. Primarily due to the fact that, despite the price cut, it was able to retain the bulk of the DNA of the line. And it's simple, it's not that average, judging by the characteristics.

When OnePlus Nord goes on sale and how much will it cost

OnePlus Nord officially launched today and will have several pre-sale waves for its fans, with main sales starting on August 4th in Europe, India and the UK. The smartphone will not be on sale in the US yet. Not in the first wave of countries and Russia. It's okay, we'll find out how to buy or just wait a little.

The price of new items will be 24,999 rupees (approximately 23,700 rubles) for the 6/64 GB version, which will be sold only in India. The 8/128 GB version will cost $ 399 in the world (approximately 28,400 rubles). For a model with 12/256 GB memory, you will have to pay $ 499 (approximately 35,500 rubles). On the OnePlus 8, which starts at $ 699, the price tag seems much more humane.

The $ 399 OnePlus is much nicer to buy than the $ 699 one.

OnePlus Nord specifications

For the general market, there will only be two versions with 8/128 GB or 12/256 GB memory. There will be a separate version for India, which will receive more modest amounts of memory – 6/64 GB. Otherwise, all models will have everything the same. They will receive support for 5G, AMOLED – a screen with a frequency of 90 Hz, and the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 76 5G, which not that much behind the 865th.

The body of the phone is made of plastic, but according to journalists who have already touched it, it looks very much like glass. The front screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 5. The smartphone will run OxygenOS 10.5 on Android 10. Naturally, an update to Android 11 is not far off.

On the front panel there are two front cameras with a resolution of 32 MP (normal) and 8 MP (ultra-wide). They are located in an elongated hole. The main camera received a Sony IMX 586 sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels. It comes with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide, a 2-megapixel macromodule and a 5-megapixel depth sensor.

The battery will have a capacity of 4,115 mAh and will receive 30-watt charging, made using the same technology as in the OnePlus 8.

The smartphone will charge quickly.

How OnePlus Nord despairs from OnePlus 8

The Nord has a lot in common with the regular OnePlus 8. The display is almost identical, the cameras are similar, and both smartphones are not IP rated. However, the OnePlus 8 Pro already looks much more interesting than the new sub-flagship. Fast wireless charging, IP68 rating and 3x zoom camera are already significant benefits.

Should you buy a cheap OnePlus

It's too early to talk about this, because you need to thoroughly study it, but if you are a fan of the brand and do not accept the new policy of a company that has played with the flagships, the choice is obvious for you. In this case, you must definitely take this smartphone. Moreover, its characteristics are more than decent, and the price does not bite. Finally, OnePlus costs as much as it should, even with a simplified processor, which, by the way, will receive the Google Pixel 5.

At the same time, it will still work perfectly and it Oxygen OS will be able to please “connoisseurs of the genre”. You will also receive 5G which will come in handy in a couple of years. Well, save a couple of hundred dollars when compared to the OnePlus 8.

Let's wait and see, but so far the smartphone is attracting attention.

Let there be many alternative options for this money, which will often be no worse, but recently OnePlus stands somehow apart from the rest and you can give it another chance with such, at first glance, a successful novelty.

Now I'm ready to say that OnePlus has released the right phone. If for this it was only necessary to abandon the top processor, then I am glad that this happened. In the eighth generation, it would be time to grow up and abandon the brand's inherent maximalism and gigantomania. Better to take a second-in-class processor and make a smartphone much cheaper than endlessly chasing a unicorn.

At the end I'll add some tar to the honey barrel. Nevertheless, the price of this smartphone has somehow been reduced too much. We still need to figure it out. Maybe it is cheap, but in return it will torture you with ads and collect all the data you can, as some other manufacturers do? Anything can be. We need to figure it out.

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