Specialist. features: answering and ending calls

Incoming call For people with disabilities, the developers have provided special functionality to answer incoming calls and end the call.

The options will be useful to everyone if you use a headset (headphones) or a phone in the cold in winter.

We can find these options by going to Settings> Special. features> Answer and end calls.

answering and ending calls

  • Answering a call. Allows you to answer an incoming call by pressing the Home button. This option is useful for visually impaired people – it is much easier to feel the physical button with your fingers (or find approximately the middle of the bottom of the screen by touch if there is no button).
  • Automatic answer. When a wired headset or Bluetooth – earphone is connected, the incoming call will be answered automatically after 2 seconds. Very comfortably.
  • Ending calls with the power key. When you press the physical “power” button on the phone, the call ends. The option is again useful for the visually impaired – it is much easier to grope the button than trying to get to the right place on the touch screen. And in winter it is convenient in the cold – no need to take off mittens or gloves.

Another option is “Single Press Mode”. Use one tap instead of swipe to answer alarms, alerts, and incoming calls. You can activate the option here in the settings.

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