Samsung postponed the release of Android 10 for some smartphones

Updates Android are so volatile and unnecessary that if she were my employee, I would have fired her. Despite the fact that Google has developed a completely unique update methodology, when all components of the operating system are updated independently of each other, the lack of a clear schedule for the release of new versions Android for the vast majority of smartphones can drive anyone crazy. After all, even if the owners of the flagships do not know when they will receive a fresh update, what to say about users of budget devices, which the update may not reach at all.

Samsung postponed the release of Android 10 for some smartphones

Galaxy S9 will receive an update to Android 10, but later than planned

Samsung has made changes to the Android 10 release schedule for its smartphones. The changes affected devices that have not yet received the update. The list includes both flagship models and budget ones. Some of them should have already been updated to the current version of the OS, but this did not happen at the appointed time, and therefore the company was forced to urgently replay everything and rewrite the original plans. In the end, you can't just postpone the release of the update Android for flagships and not notify users about it.

When will Samsung smartphones receive Android 10

Samsung postponed the release of Android 10 for some smartphones

OneUI 2.0 will be released until August 2020

  • Galaxy S9 and S9 + – February
  • Galaxy A30 and M40 – March
  • Galaxy A50 and A50s – April
  • Galaxy A70 and A70s – April
  • Galaxy Fold – April
  • Galaxy A7 – April
  • Galaxy A9 – May
  • Galaxy A10 – May
  • Galaxy J6 – June
  • Galaxy J6 + and Galaxy J7 Duo – July

Despite the fact that this is not a complete list, it allows you to get a very clear impression of the shift in the release date Android 10 for Samsung smartphones. If the Galaxy S9 and S9 + were originally planned to be updated back in January, it is now claimed that they will receive the update no earlier than February. The same goes for the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A50s, which, although not flagships, should have been updated in the first month of 2020. Apparently, in the process of adapting the updates, the company's developers encountered some difficulties that influenced the release date and forced them to postpone it for a whole month.

Samsung Smartphone Updates

What exactly happened, Samsung does not specify. But the very fact of postponing the release date of the update looks rather strange against the background of recent events. We are talking, in particular, about the unprecedented agility of the Korean company in adapting monthly security patches. It's unclear how this happened, but Samsung has been releasing fresh assemblies for the next month over the past three months in the previous month. As a result, Samsung branded devices get updates even faster than Google Pixel smartphones.

In fact, Android 10 gave Samsung quite a few problems. Anyway, this is not the first time the company has postponed the release of an update for branded smartphones. However, not only Koreans, but also the Chinese faced difficulties. For example, OnePlus was forced to withdraw an already released Android 10 OxygenOS build intended for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. At first, it turned out that installing the update was preventing the fingerprint scanner from working properly, and then it turned out that the list of problems is much wider than originally thought. Therefore, in order to prevent users from spoiling the impression of the update, OnePlus decided to return it for revision.

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