Samsung Ecosystem Communication Android 10 and Windows 10

Samsung gadgets In this article, we will consider the question about the Samsung ecosystem.

Recently released Galaxy Note 20 series, buds live wireless headphones, Tab S7 tablet on Android, which can replace laptop with Windows, and of course laptop communication on Windows 10 and Android 10 (Samsung is working closely with Microsoft in this regard).

I will not dwell on the technical characteristics of the gadgets, you can easily find them in the search. But I will focus on the Samsung ecosystem and well-coordinated work with Windows 10.

Galaxy Note 20

The Note 20 Ultra phone became the main announcement at the Unpacked 2020 event. From history: the first Note was presented back in 2011, and today the Korean company does not change its traditions. Although this series had competitors, there is still no flagship with a stylus like Samsung (S Pen).

The Note 20 has a super high quality 120Hz WQHD + display with Dynamic Amoled 2X. By the way, by the screen resolution. Here 120 Hz only on FullHD and it's not about the processor, but about the structure of the screen.

If the Galaxy S20 had 4 modes of operation (48, 60, 90 and 120 Hz), then in the Note 20:

  • up to 11 Hz if the picture is static;
  • 30-60 Hz if video;
  • 48-120 Hz if games.

This separation is done to save power, because the battery here is slightly smaller than in the Galaxy S20 Ultra and is 4500 mAh. There is fast charging, a 25-watt adapter and 15-watt wireless charging are included.

Wireless charger Note 20

Every year the stylus is modernized, this year the response has become even faster (it was 42 ms, it is 9 ms), you write like on paper, the stylus does not lag behind at all.

If you take out the stylus when the screen is off, we can create notes.

Samsung S Pen stylus

And another trick of the stylus is remote control (Anywhere actions). With it, you can release the camera shutter, zoom in on photos, start a stopwatch, flip through slides in PowerPoint or control the browser.

The protective glass in Note 20 Ultra is Gorilla Glass Victus (7th version), which has improved protection against drops and scratches. By the way, from the factory there is a small film on the screen.

The camera on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is very good. Maximum 50x zoom, plus added night mode to all shooting options. The phone takes pictures very well, and in all modes, including a wonderful wide angle.

In the video recording from the pleasant, the developers added the ability to manually adjust (select ISO, contrast, control microphones, enable sound recording through Buds Live headphones).

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Galaxy buds live Headphones

The headphones are very small, the case fits easily into a jeans pocket. For charging, a Type-C connector or wireless charging is used. The LED outside indicates the charge or discharge of the battery.

Headphones Buds Live

The earbuds themselves are made in the form of beans (they repeat the anatomy of the ear, but not for everyone), and this is a surprisingly very convenient thing. Because when you insert the earpiece into your ear, you simply cannot see it in your ear, and it does not interfere in any way, you can even sleep with the earphones on without any discomfort.

Galaxy Buds Live

The headphones sound very loud and reproduce bass well. There is active noise cancellation.

Headphones now support fast communication with Windows 10. We open the case with headphones, and on the laptop with Bluetooth a window pops up with a proposal to connect wireless Buds Live. Works only on newer Win10 builds.

There is a game mode. We connect the phone to the TV via DeX, start the game and play on TV without delay in sound.

There is silent switching between Galaxy devices. For example, you watch a movie on a tablet, an incoming call comes to the phone, the headphones immediately switched to conversation. Since Windows, for now, you will have to do it manually, but we are expecting automation in the next updates.

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Galaxy Tab S7

This is one of the most sophisticated tablets around. There is a 120Hz screen, an attachable keyboard with a trackpad, and a Snapdragon 865+ processor. In Dex mode, you can run several windows at the same time, change their size, move around the screen, maximize to full screen.

Galaxy Tab S7

If you disconnect the keyboard, you can run 3 applications at the same time on the whole tap. There is also a function that remembers the 2 most used apps for quick launch, including a case and a stylus that folds under the case. The case has a comfortable leg.

In general, this is an almost full-fledged laptop on Android, which is capable of working in DeX mode.

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Synchronization in applications

The entire Samsung ecosystem is simply impossible without syncing in apps.

Samsung Notes (notes app) syncs across all Samsung devices, but now with OneNote on PC running Windows 10. How it works?

I write a note on my phone, then I open Samsung Notes on my Galaxy S7 tablet and see all my notes from my phone. Now you can take notes in pdf-files, in the picture and even in the text.

Sync Samsung Notes

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Android and Windows

Finally, two popular operating systems, Android and Windows, figured out to collaborate. Devices are synced through Samsung account, Outlook email client entries, reminders from ToDo and Teams are synced.

But the main update in August was the ability to work Android applications in Windows without crutches and emulators, while this is only available on Samsung devices. You can install Yandex Taxi, Instagram, mobile Chrome and a bunch of applications on Android on your laptop. And all this functionality is supported through the Your Phone application.

Launching Android applications on PC

Let's also remember about Samsung Dex technology, which turns a phone (or tablet) into a kind of computer. If we connect a keyboard to the Tab S7, Dex mode is instantly activated (the mouse works without problems).

Now the phone can be connected via wi-fi to the TV, you can connect a keyboard, mouse and use it like on a PC. And if Samsung monitors with wi-fi appear in the future, then you can just bring your phone to the monitor – and you have a full-fledged PC.

Samsung DeX

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File sharing

The most popular file transfer methods are Bluetooth, cable or NFC. But Google and Samsung have finally rolled out a cool file sharing service. It's called “Sharing with the Environment”.

For the exchange, we use the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Tab S7 tablet. We select the file on the phone, click on the exchange with the environment and select the device to which we want to send, accept the file on the other device.

The new technology will work on new Samsung and all Android devices from version 6.0 and higher. It is enough to wait for the update.

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Although the flagship Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7 do not completely replace a laptop, they are some kind of alternative. It is enough to have a SmartTV TV to switch on wifi, use the keyboard and mouse, run applications in full screen.

If you have a laptop or PC on Windows, you can run applications on them, but only when paired with Samsung devices.

Fast file transfers are the most important update for me personally.

Finally, the new Buds Live headphones, which are also part of the Samsung ecosystem, support fast connectivity. If you are an advanced user Windows and Android, this is the most advanced option today.

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