Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review

Galaxy Z Fold 2 new At the last Unpacked 2020 conference, Samsung showed a new smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2. In this review, we will compare the new product with the first version of the Galaxy Z Fold.

What's wrong with the first generation Galaxy Z Fold? It is clear that the small screen.

In the second generation, this screen was enlarged, and it became almost perfect. Now there are no top and bottom indents. The photo below is a comparison of the two generations of the Z Fold.

Display comparison


Outside, there is now a large 6.2-inch display with a Super Amoled matrix, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a resolution of 2260 × 816 pixels, an aspect ratio of 25: 9 and a hole in the middle for the front camera.

There was Flex Mode , which allows you to open messages or messenger on the bottom of the screen, and a video is played from above. Those. there is a division of the screen into functional parts and launching up to three applications simultaneously.

Flex Mode

Compared to the first generation, the screen of the new item has grown by 20% (unfolded). Now it is 7.6 inches Dynamic Amoled at 120 Hz and a resolution of 2208 × 1768 pixels. Above, a thin protective glass Ultra Glass, as in the Galaxy Z Flip.

There is a film on the screen and it cannot be removed. But on the front screen, by default, there is a factory film that can be removed.

Galaxy Z FOLD 1 and 2

And note: if in the first version the screen had a large cutout at the top (photo above), then the new product now has a neat small hole for the front camera.

If Fold 1 was folded and unfold, but it was impossible to adjust the angle (either unfolded or folded), then in Fold 2 the hinge was completely redone, and the screen is fixed at any angle.

The tilt angle is fixed

The button and the fingerprint scanner were combined into one (on the first version, these were 2 different buttons).

What's the fold of the display? It has become less visible and smoother, but is still visible (unfortunately, this is a technology cost).

Screen fold

The shield is now connected to the low temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) backplane. This design is used in high quality OLED dies and uses up to 15% less power than the more common LTPS boards.

Like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it has an adaptive mode. When watching a movie, the screen operates at a frequency of 24-120 Hz. When playing games – 48-120 Hz. In general, according to the menu, the phone operates at 120 Hz.

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There is a metal protective plate on the fold that protects the hinge. It has the inscription Samsung.

Protective plate

For the flagship, only 2 colors are available: glossy black (fingerprints are visible) and matte bronze.

It will also be possible to separately customize a part of the hinge – the side plate. You can order through the official. website. 5 colors available.

Plate color

A premium version of the Tom Browne Edition smartphone is also available for $ 3,300 in the US (250,000 rubles). The party is limited, only 5,000 copies. Of course, the classic Fold 2 will cost less.

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Dimensions and weight

Galaxy Fold 2 is slightly larger than the first version. Weight 282 g. Thickness when folded is 16.8 mm, when unfolded is 6.9 mm. The manufacturer guarantees 200,000 folds / unfolds of the screen.

In general, the folding mechanism is new, the gaps have become smaller. Inside there are micro brushes to prevent dust and small particles from entering.


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On the back panel there is a block of three 12 MP cameras. The main one with an aperture of 1.8, optical stabilization. Wide-angle module with aperture of 2.2 and 2.4 telephoto lens.

Front cameras of 10 megapixels with aperture 2.2.

Another trick for the camera: when you shoot something, the person sees what is happening on the camera.

Shooting on camera

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  • The Snapdragon 865+ processor is the latest percent.
  • RAM 12 GB.
  • Built-in memory 256 GB without support for microSD memory cards.
  • From communications there is Bluetooth 5.0, support 5G, Wi-Fi 6, NFC, support for 2 SIM cards.
  • Loud 2 speakers and excellent stereo sound.
  • Dual battery with a total capacity of 4500 mAh. Autonomy is small – up to 20 hours.
  • 25 watt wired charger with adapter included. Wireless charging up to 15 watts.
  • Reversible charging.

An interesting feature of the new Fold 2 is the ability to launch up to three applications on the expanded screen simultaneously.

Launching three applications

One more feature. Go to Settings – Layout and Scaling. There are 2 modes of using the application: in a phone or tablet format. It is convenient to use tablet mode in messengers, when the contact list is located in the left column, and the chat can be read on the right.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 1 cost $ 1980 a year ago. The new Fold 2 sells for $ 2,000 in the US. And in Russia the official price is 180,000 rubles.

Pre-orders are already open on the Samsung website. And sales begin on September 18th.

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