Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

Less than two days ago, OnePlus showed the smartphone that everyone had been waiting for and finally received. It was OnePlus Nord, which costs almost half the price of the previously presented OnePlus 8, but at the same time is almost in no way inferior to it, if you do not find fault with the little things. As usually happens, many of those who were preparing to buy a smartphone, after the release of something new, think about it. But it is not them who need to think, but the manufacturers of some smartphones, because it is OnePlus Nord that has every chance to literally walk on them. Let's list these manufacturers.

Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

Let's try to compare it with the rest.

How does OnePlus Nord compare

It is not entirely correct to compare smartphones only by characteristics. Here we must also pay attention to how buyers generally love this smartphone. And also, how much does it cost, because this also often has a decisive influence.

Below are the three main phones that I think OnePlus Nord will compete with, although with its characteristics it can compete with all devices except literally a few flagships.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 – the main competitor

A couple of months ago, when both the OnePlus 8 / 8Pro and the second generation iPhone SE started selling, I said it was a failure. I reasoned that OnePlus was trying to keep the price down but was chasing Apple while saying that smartphones shouldn't be expensive. Everything changed this year and Apple released an inexpensive smartphone that costs half the price of the OnePlus 8.

Now the situation has changed radically and OnePlus costs the same as iPhone SE second generation. It may not have a cool infrastructure, a powerful processor and iOS, but it looks more modern and has 128 GB of memory in its database. This is also not a little.

Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

Apple thought better of it, and now OnePlus has changed its mind.

The competition in the world Android is very peculiar and smartphones compete by default. Therefore, the key players simply cannot but aim to compete with Apple. Samsung does this, Google does this, OnePlus does this. The rivalry this time will be interesting, especially given the additional trump cards of the iPhone SE in the form of water resistance and wireless charging. OnePlus only offers this on the $ 1,000 8 Pro.

Google Pixel 4a – a smartphone that doesn't exist

We are already tired of constantly remembering and forgetting about the Google Pixel 4a. Nevertheless, if it does come out, its price will be at least $ 350, and most likely the same $ 399. At this price point, the OnePlus Nord simply leaves no stone unturned.

The Pixel, just like the Nord, won't have water resistance and wireless charging, and the processor will be weaker. In addition, according to rumors, the minimum amount of memory will be 64 GB, and the screen will definitely not pull 90 Hz.

Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

And we are all waiting …

According to some rumors, Google Pixel will still support 5G, but still not in all versions. That is, you will have to pay extra for 5G. It turns out that the Google Pixel 4a has not yet been released, but it is outright losing to the OnePlus Nord. Its only advantage will be that it is made by Google, but when a smartphone has less RAM, internal memory, a worse screen, a smaller battery and a weaker processor, there is no need to talk about competition.

For comparison, you can also remember Huawei P30. Even if this is last year's smartphone, but for about the same money that is asked for the OnePlus Nord, it offers more or less similar characteristics.

It has the same amount of RAM and permanent memory in the database and a similar camera design, but last year's sub-flagship has a slightly outdated processor, it will receive updates for a year less and cannot boast of a 90 Hz screen.

Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

The Huawei P30 lineup included three smartphones.

Otherwise, this is also a good smartphone that was released before the famous events and works fine with Google services. Anyway, his time has passed and now Nord almost automatically wins in their comparison.

Xiaomi Mi 9T – loved by many

In comparison Xiaomi Mi 9T and OnePlus Nord, everything looks very good, only this smartphone is also last year, although it costs about the same.

In the basic version, it only offers 6 GB of RAM (versus 8 GB for the Nord), and it also lacks 5G and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. But it is the Mi 9T that boasts the most bezel-less display thanks to the sliding camera.

Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

Smartphones Xiaomi could not help but fall into this comparison.

Many will say that the comparison of these smartphones is not very correct due to the fact that one runs on MIUI, and the other on OxygenOS, and they will be right. Nevertheless, Mi 9T still has its fans and they often enter our Telegram chat.

Samsung Galaxy A71 – it's not bad

Surprisingly, it is this smartphone that can seriously compete with OnePlus Nord. It is especially popular among fans of the brand, although it also has something to complain about. For example, to Snapdragon 730. Somehow it's not serious.

And he also loses on RAM and does not offer 5G and 90 Hz screen. But it has a more serious main camera, a larger battery and a huge screen. This is enough for many. And it's also Samsung, which I personally don't really like, but I can't help but note the wide interest from buyers.

Which smartphones should be compared to OnePlus Nord and who will suffer from it

This is not the most massive smartphone, but it deserves its place in comparison.

As you can see, there are a lot of smartphones and each is better in some way, but it is the combination of factors that few can compete with OnePlus Nord. It looks like the company really did everything right and released the cool sub-flagship just in time. Let's see how it sells, but the chances of success are good.

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