Why the phone does not pick up Wi-Fi and how to change it

How annoying it is when Wi-Fi works poorly. It's just awful and I want to reboot everything faster in the hope that the situation will change. But often it does not change and you have to do it over and over again, and then just put up or buy a new router in the hope that this will fix the situation. All due to the fact that without Wi-Fi we simply cannot. If the phone can somehow go online via 3G or LTE, then with laptops and computers this is much more difficult. I don't feel like pulling wires, and the wireless network does not work. What can be done in this case to save time and nerves?

Why the phone does not pick up Wi-Fi and how to change it

You can make Wi-Fi run faster.

A good Wi-Fi signal is a battle against physics, where radio signals try to pass through walls and objects without significant loss. We often lose this fight, but there are several steps you can take to get the most out of your router. Below are some simple yet effective ways to solve many problems, from the simplest to the slightly more complex.

Checking for router updates

As corny as it sounds, the first thing to do is make sure your software is up to date on both your phone and router.

Newer routers support phone apps. This makes them much easier to manage and configure, and at the same time install updates. Older routers may require a direct connection via a web browser with an IP address. Typically, this is something as simple as, but other options are possible. Just look at all the necessary information, including login and password, on the back of your router or in the manual for it.

Some routers can search for updates themselves and install them automatically, so you don't even have to think about this step. However, it's worth making sure your software is up to date before moving on.

Eliminate communication interference

The first thing to check is your phone. Some thick or metal cases may block your phone's antennas. Sometimes this is not noticeable under normal conditions, but if the signal is already weak, then the network may turn off altogether.

Why the phone does not pick up Wi-Fi and how to change it

A home network can be fast if done right.

Neighboring Wi-Fi networks can become additional interference. They permeate everything around with a signal and your network will simply drown in interference. If you can, it's best to move the router to the location where you use it most often. And there is also the option to use 5 GHz networks.

What are the advantages of 5 GHz routers

There are not many users yet who have a 5 GHz router. This may be your advantage. By purchasing such a router or simply by activating this feature in your device (if any), you will get the network to work in a different frequency range. This will reduce interference and improve connection speed.

I myself came across this when the 2.4 GHz network next to the router worked at a speed of about 100 Mb / s, and in the kitchen it barely reached 10 Mb / s. It was worth switching to 5GHz and the speed increased by about 5-6 times. It's that simple.

Reboot the router and phone

The standard “try restarting” advice is also valid when working with a home network. Sometimes it is really useful to reboot the router and phone.

It's worth starting with your phone, as it's much easier to do. If this action does not solve the problem with the connection, then you can try to restart the router already. If it supports work with the application – do it there. If this is not possible, just unplug the router from the outlet and re-enable it after a few seconds.

If you do not want to do this at all, then try at least reconnecting to the router. Sometimes even this can solve all the connection problems. The main thing is to completely disconnect, forget the network, reconnect by entering the password.

Why the phone does not pick up Wi-Fi and how to change it

Don't connect many devices to your home network if you don't need them.

Where to install the router

If your router is on the floor or in a cabinet niche, raise it higher. For example, on a wardrobe. So it will be higher than the rest of the furniture and will work, albeit a little, but better.

Do not install the router near electrical appliances as they create interference. It is also worth avoiding places where he cannot cool. He needs it and when overheated he starts to work worse.

How else you can increase the speed of your home network

Other ways to increase the speed of your home network include buying a new, more advanced router. But here you need to understand how much better it will be than what you have. If you use what the provider installed when connecting, then, most likely, this is the most budgetary and inexpensive option and almost all routers will be better. Perhaps less was enough before, but the amount of interference has become higher and it's time to update.

You can also try to put a repeater (or several). They can increase the range of your home network and reduce the impact of interference on it. But you need to arrange them wisely. In general, the same installation rules apply as given above, but you need to understand that the speed that will reach the repeater will be relayed. Therefore, you should not take it too far from the router.

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