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Tablets on Android are not as popular as smartphones – this is no secret to anyone, but despite this, users are still interested in them. Proof of this interest is that manufacturers continue to release this type of device with enviable consistency. One such manufacturer is the company Honor with its new tablet Honor Pad V6. The device came out in a not very good period for the company, but it still deserves its portion of attention, though not without some “but”. Like any other gadget, this one has its drawbacks. In this article we will try to understand the positive and negative aspects of the novelty. And at the same time we will understand whether he needs additional accessories, such as a keyboard and stylus.

Honor Pad V6

Externally, the tablet looks good. But they are all not much different, except for color.

Tablet Review Honor Pad V6

When you take the tablet out of the box, you immediately realize that it is quite weighty. I will not say that it is heavy, but it is just weighty. Its weight is 475 grams. In general, this is not so much, but with the small size of the gadget, it makes it feel exactly as I said.

The case Honor of Pad V6 has a nice texture, although I have never seen a description of the material from which the back wall is made, but almost immediately you realize that it is plastic. This is logical, since the use of glass in such a construction would seem like a strange decision. Although, tactilely sometimes it seems that it is made of frosted glass. You understand that such a solution will lead to scratches, but tablets are usually less prone to damage than smartphones. Moreover, you can use a cover. Including the original one, which I will discuss below.

Honor Pad V6

The body plays like this in the light. In general, this is good, but it is quite easily soiled.

The body of the device is elongated and this has both pros and cons. It is very convenient to hold it with one hand, especially in an upright position. Many argue with me that the tablet should only be held horizontally, but it is often more convenient for me to hold it vertically. Especially when you use it with one hand. With this use, it can not only be supported from the side, but even wrapped with the fingers of one hand on both sides. However, this requires a large enough hand. It will be difficult for a girl or child to do this.

Another advantage of the elongated screen is convenient work with two applications at the same time. And the downside is that some menus are displayed incorrectly. For example, in the settings, the left side of the menu is heavily cropped.

What I really disliked about the Honor Pad V6 is the lack of a headphone jack. I have always advocated removing it from the body of a smartphone, but it should be on a tablet and laptop. There is enough space inside these devices to accommodate the connector.

Honor Pad V6

Charging via USB Type-C and there is no headphone jack.

Screen Honor Pad V6

The diagonal screen of the new tablet Honor is 10.4 inches, its resolution is 2000 by 1200 pixels, and the front panel coverage is 84 percent. In this case, the frames may seem a little thick, but they are completely symmetrical and the front camera is hidden so that it is not visible. The lens itself is, of course, noticeable, but nothing sticks out from any side. In general, everything looks very nice and neat, I just didn't like the fact that an LED indicator was made on the front panel for something. On the one hand, it is useful, but not for a tablet, but for a smartphone.

Honor Pad V6

How nice it is when the camera does not pop out on the screen.

I really liked the quality of the screen. It is based on an IPS matrix, the use of which in tablets seems to me the most justified. The picture is soft, but juicy, and viewing angles reach almost 180 degrees. No matter how you turn the tablet, the color of the screen or its brightness hardly changes.

Tablet performance Honor

The tablet is powered by a proprietary Kirin 985 processor. This is a 7-nm chip, which is based on 8 cores, the most productive of which has a frequency of 2.58 GHz. Even if you are going to use the device for gaming, this performance should definitely be enough for you.

There are not many memory options. Operative will be only 6 GB without a choice, and built-in only 128 GB, also without choice. True, microSD memory cards up to 512 GB are supported, but this is a so-so solution. A tablet for 30,000 rubles could use the built-in 256 GB memory module. Moreover, such devices are often used precisely for storing a large amount of content (movies, TV shows, games, music, photographs, etc.).

Honor Pad V6 has Wi-Fi 6 support and Bluetooth 5.1. But the SIM card is not supported. I think this is a big disadvantage. When it is not in the cheapest version, as in the case of iPad, I can still understand this, but in this case, give me a model that will cost several thousand rubles more, but will allow access to the network in any moment, for example, on the road.

The autonomy of the tablet is at a fairly high level. Subjectively, it seemed to me that it is even slightly higher than that of some other models. The battery of the novelty has a capacity of 7,250 mAh, and charging, though not the fastest, is at 22.5 W. This is enough for such a device.

Camera Honor Pad V6

There is nothing to say about the camera separately, as it produces fairly average pictures. It is definitely not worth expecting from her something that flagship smartphones give us. Moreover, tablets have never been the main tool of the photographer, and the camera in them was more than par. For example, I have been using tablets for about 10 years since the first release iPad. During this time, I went through about five only my devices and more than a dozen test ones, but took pictures (not counting photos for reviews) literally several times. The smartphone will handle it better anyway.

Honor Pad V6

The bulging chamber of any gadget is ideal for collecting dust.

That is why it seems to me that it was not worth making a camera, paying tribute to fashion. It was possible to install a simpler module that does not stick out so much. Due to the bulging, it is not so convenient to use the tablet without a case. Especially when it's on the table.

Review Honor Pad V6 - another tablet on Android

Review Honor Pad V6 - another tablet on Android

Review Honor Pad V6 - another tablet on Android

Review Honor Pad V6 - another tablet on Android

Review Honor Pad V6 - another tablet on Android

Review Honor Pad V6 - another tablet on Android

The original photos can be downloaded from this link.

The built-in camera has a maximum resolution of 13 megapixels, and the ultra-wide module is 8 megapixels. But video can be shot in 4K at 30 frames per second. True, this function is also rather nominal. It is much better to use shooting with FullHD resolution and 60 frames per second. There is also such a regime.

Can a tablet replace a laptop

It only remains to tell about two accessories that are additions Honor Pad V6, but are not included in its set. I mean the keyboard and stylus.

Tablet keyboard Honor

Now manufacturers are trying to produce keyboards for tablets in such a way that they are not just an input tool, but complement the gadget, turning it into something like a small laptop. Personally, I don't really like this replacement due to the fact that the laptop is easier to use with a mouse or trackpad. Typing and then poking your finger at the screen is completely inconvenient. Of course, you can take the mouse with you, but this is still fun.

Honor Pad V6

In general, the cover is not bad, if not quibble. And the brand name looks beautiful at all.

The original keyboard for Honor Pad V6 does not have a trackpad, like the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (even if it stands like the entire Honor Pad V6 entirely). So this is just a means of printing a lot of text, and a full-fledged laptop will not work out of this. Despite this, it is convenient to type on the keyboard. I especially like the fact that the keys have free travel and they must be pressed, not pushed through.

The cover is fastened to the case with snaps, and in order for it to work, it must be charged. This is done through a small USB Type-C connector on the side. I don’t need to explain that this is not very convenient. It is also inconvenient that the fold of the cover is very soft and the cover moves a little. Although I may find fault with this.

Honor Pad V6

This is how the case is charged.

Stylus for Honor Pad V6

The stylus was once a necessity, but now it is just an optional accessory. The first PDAs almost didn't work without it, and modern tablets and smartphones with it get a lot of new functions.

The stylus for the Honor Pad V6 is as controversial as possible. On the one hand, it fits perfectly in the hand and is really convenient for them to use, and on the other hand, for it to work, you have to constantly carry an additional accessory with you in the charger video. It can be charged as a stylus for iPad or Galaxy Tab from the body of the smartphone. To charge the stylus Honor, you need to use a separate magnetic charging mount, which is connected with a wire to the USB Type-C connector. To be honest, it looks so-so.

But from the point of view of performance, there are no complaints about it. It glides perfectly on the surface of the screen, works quickly and responsively with touches, the drawn line almost does not lag behind it, and the stylus itself recognizes 4096 levels of pressure. Drawing with him is really convenient.

Honor Pad V6 Pencil

This is for sure a dislike. It would be better to build the connector into the back of the pencil, as in the first Apple Pencil

And also 4 interchangeable nozzles are included with it. Either there is something wrong with their wear, or the manufacturer has always decided that users will draw a lot on the tablet.

Should you buy Honor Pad V6

In summary, the Pad V6 is not bad as a tablet Honor. It's fast, looks good, and has a sturdy chassis that doesn't flex under stress or twisting. Among its problems are the lack of a headphone jack, the inability to install a memory card and a relatively small amount of internal memory. Well, here it is also worth adding the feature of most tablets on Android. They are just made like a big phone, without any optimization. If it looks good and even cool on the phone, then on the big screen it was necessary to somehow work out the details. For example, do something with the keyboard, keeping the continuity, but making it more adaptable to such a device. Although, perhaps, this is a matter of taste, you will disagree with me and go write about it in our Telegram chat.

Another problem with the gadget is its price. Compared to other products, it cannot be called outrageous, but one must understand that there is quite a lot of competition in this price category. First of all, this device plays into the hands of the fact that many gifts are given to it upon purchase. This should definitely become a strong point of the gadget in competition with opponents.

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