Best Samsung tablets in 2020

In the tablet market Android, Samsung undoubtedly takes the lead. There are simply no companies that can offer products of similar quality. Of course, we are not talking about Apple, because it offers iOS – tablets. It should be borne in mind that this operating system is not suitable for everyone, so the alternative in the form of Samsung is quite good for itself. So what do Koreans offer us?

Best Samsung tablets in 2020

Best Samsung tablets in 2020

The best tablet of the company at the moment is the Galaxy Tab S6. It is available in three colors – blue, gray and gold. In my opinion, gray looks the most attractive. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the Tab S6. It looks very attractive and strict due to the extremely small body thickness (only 5.7 mm). When I first took it in my hands, I didn't believe how thin it was. It's thinner than a pencil! And at the same time quite easy, by the way. It was possible to achieve this subtlety also thanks to the AMOLED – screen.

The Tab S6's screen is another story. On the one hand, it is not bad here, but the colors seemed to me too bright. I doubt that someone will be able to use the device for a long time while reading articles.

Best Samsung tablets in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best

The most enjoyable for many may be the DeX mode, which turns the tablet into a real laptop. Of course, this is not Microsoft Surface, but thanks for that. Perhaps you do not need full-fledged Windows – programs during operation, in this case Tab S6 will be a good option. The only thing that I didn't really like in this case is the DPI screen in DeX mode – the icons seem too small. The company artificially made the interface small to make the tablet seem like a full-fledged laptop, but it's not entirely clear how to work with it for a long time in this case. The screen diagonal of the Tab S6 seems to me insufficient. This would be 12-13 inches, and then it would be a real replacement for a laptop. Working in desktop mode with 10-inches is questionable.

In any case, the Tab S6 seems to be the best Android tablet on the market so far. And I very much doubt that there are more attractive alternatives.

You could also consider the Galaxy Tab S5e, but only if you don't have enough money to buy the S6. The fact is that in the minimum configuration with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, the device is estimated at 60 thousand rubles, and this is a rather large amount even for a tablet. The Tab S5e, on the other hand, is an older tablet, but still interesting. There's also a 10-inch AMOLED screen, AKG stereo speakers, and it's even thinner than the Tab S6 (5.5mm).

Best Samsung tablets in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e – still pretty good

For watching videos and surfing the Internet, the Tab S6 and S5e are simply ideal options. I have no doubt about that. Of course, it is impossible to convey how colorful the picture on the screens of these devices is, you just need to touch them live.

If you have very little money, you can take a closer look at Tab A10.1 LTE. The tablet is priced at 17,990 rubles, is made of metal, has 2 or 3 GB of RAM, a less efficient processor, a 6150 mAh battery and a TFT matrix. Unfortunately this is not AMOLED. However, for many, by the way, this can be a plus. Supports from 32 GB to 128 GB of internal memory, you can expand it using a microSD card.

Best Samsung tablets in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.1 LTE – for those who like to save

What conclusions can be drawn from the current line of Samsung tablets? In my opinion, they are missing a 13-inch solution. With the growing demand from consumers for screen size, 10 inches for a tablet is no longer so attractive. In addition, many people want to see the tablet as a multimedia device for entertainment, and a complete replacement for laptops. Microsoft solves these needs with the release of Surface Pro X, Apple offers consumers iPad Pro with a diagonal of 12.9 inches, but among Android – tablets of such a device with a large diagonal are simply not presented. And Samsung is the only one who can fix this problem.

If you want to purchase an inexpensive smartphone for your tablet, we advise you to study our material, where we reviewed the best cheap Galaxy phones. In addition to the main phone, you will probably need a good push-button, but for this case we have some interesting material for you.

Curious to know which Samsung tablets are the most appealing to you in 2020, and what advice could you give the company to improve in future devices? Share your opinion in the comments to this publication or in our Telegram chat. We remind you that not so long ago Samsung postponed the release of Android 10 for some devices. You can also take part in our recent poll where we choose the best manufacturer (you can vote not only for Samsung).

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