Huawei expected 20% drop in smartphone sales

Which company smartphone are you willing to buy? Which manufacturer do you respect? For example, I am not ready to buy a device from Huawei today, but I respect the guys for being able to break into the leaders in the supply of smartphones in the world in a short period. Huawei ranks second behind Samsung with a score of 17.6%. And this figure would have been even higher if not for the 4th quarter of 2019. The company had big plans, it was planning to become the leader of the smartphone market, but it is probably not destined to come true, at least not in the near future.

Huawei expected 20% drop in smartphone sales

What will happen to Huawei in 2020?

Huawei in 2020 – is it bad?

According to our colleagues from androidauthority, Huawei expects shipments to drop by 20% in 2020. As a rule, expectations are more optimistic than reality, therefore, most likely, in 2020, phone shipments Huawei will decrease by 30%. And the reason for that, of course, is the US government's trade ban. Earlier in May 2019, Huawei was blacklisted and banned from American companies from cooperating with her. Most of them seem to have solved the problem, but they can't figure it out with Google Play. Earlier, due to US sanctions, the American giant banned Huawei the use of the company's services, this led to the fact that the Chinese began to prepare their own operating system for release and have already released Huawei Mobile Servies Google Play Services.

Google doesn't want Huawei to be strong

Huawei expected 20% drop in smartphone sales

Does a monopolist need a competitor?

Of course, you shouldn't expect anything else, the company simply has no choice. The questions arise, rather, to Google, which only recently asked the US government to lift the ban on the provision of services. At the same time Microsoft made a similar step almost immediately after the introduction of the sanctions. Why then did the guys at Google take so long? Perhaps they themselves do not want Huawei to gain momentum, because in this case, the Chinese will be able to impose their own services on their users in the future, which, of course, does not suit Google at all, so it decided not to wait and introduced a ban now.

Of course, these are just my guesses, but it really seems to me that Google is not particularly happy with large companies. Why does she need another competitor? And okay Microsoft, which is located in the USA, and here some kind of Chinese Huawei is growing strongly – Google clearly does not need such a competitor. Of course, strategically it would be beneficial for them to cooperate with Huawei, since this is money, but if you think more broadly, Google wants to be a monopolist around the world, and if earlier Huawei was popular only inside China, then, becoming popular outside its borders, it creates additional problems for Americans.

I think Google, using Samsung's example, realized that it doesn't need a strong one Huawei. Remember Tizen OS? Samsung was once preparing its competitor Android, and Google did not like it very much, because of which the project had to be frozen. Since then, most likely, Google realized that having a strong competitor is not very cool, so when Huawei decided to break into the global market, it simply did not give it its own services. Of course, one can assume that this is the fault of the US government, but why not think that this is beneficial to Google itself?

The Chinese Alliance is a response to Google's actions

Earlier Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have formed an alliance, within which they will release software for easy publishing of applications to the stores of Chinese manufacturers. This step will allow developers to streamline the application publishing process. In addition, Huawei offers a lower percentage (15%), while Google takes 30% from each purchase, which, of course, is too much. Earlier, even Epic Games decided not to publish their game on Google Play in order not to share such a big piece of the pie.

It is interesting to know the opinion of our readers regarding the future of the company in 2020. Let's discuss this topic in the telegram chat or in the comments to this publication.

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