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Ad blocker for Android Any user of devices on the platform Android has probably come across advertising to one degree or another more than once. She could appear in a downloaded application, a game, when watching a video on youtube, on a social network, in a browser. In general, wherever you look, everywhere there is a risk of picking up unwanted advertisements.

Living in the age of advertising, it will be found everywhere – on television, radio, streets, the Internet. This can sometimes go crazy, so many people think about not seeing ads on their phones at least. After all, if somewhere it is shown within reason, in some applications it is so intrusive that it is simply impossible to use them.

For such cases, ad blockers exist. They are designed to block any unwanted pop-up messages on your device. There are dozens of different blockers, some can be downloaded from the Play store, others you need to search for yourself. All of them have approximately the same principle of operation, but they also have their own characteristics. Let's consider the most popular blockers and draw conclusions on them.


Quite popular ad blocking app in Android. Uses the principle of blocking access to the ad server. The program is translated into Russian, easy to use, even a beginner will understand. But not all newbies will have access to this blocker, since it requires Root rights to work, and not everyone has them.

The application uses lists of hosts that it will block. The lists are constantly updated. Each user can independently make edits to the hosts file and block new sources of advertising. Any user can add addresses of unwanted advertising sources to this file, and they will remain in the black list. To block all new sources of advertising, you need to enable automatic updating of the host list, and to save traffic, you can update it only via wi-fi.

Adaway ad blocker

The application allows you to block DNS requests. This will help protect against ads if applications use non-traditional display methods. However, there is still some ad share when using Adaway, but it feels like it works.

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This blocker is one of those applications that started the history of ad blockers for Android. It works on the “set and forget” principle. Has Russian localization. At the first start, the program will require root access, then it configures everything itself, edits the host file, finds advertising sources and blocks access to them, after which the user is in the main window. It is possible to return the old host file to resume displaying ads. The program allows you to block local web servers to get rid of ads in unconventional ways.

AdFree ad blocker

There is a great lack of a white list in this blocker, in which you can add exceptions for ads. The fact is that the program mistakenly recognizes some services as advertising, for example, this applies to various applications from It is not possible to correct this situation. Also, you cannot update the application only via wi-fi.

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AdGuard for Android

AdGuard is one of the most interesting ad blocking projects. At the moment, the application, unlike the others, is being actively developed and constantly updated. Has a simple interface, but at the same time a lot of flexible settings.

There is a large community of users and developers, so you can get support at any time through the forum. Has a low power consumption, which affects the duration of the device. And most importantly, the application does not require root rights, which is suitable for beginners.

At the same time, ads are blocked very high quality, using a large set of AdGuard filters, and additionally regional filters. The blocker was taught to recognize https connections, which allows you to remove ads in applications such as Youtube. It is possible to get rid of tracking devices and various counters. Removes annoying elements like social media buttons.

AdGuard ad blocker

AdGuard has one drawback – the free version of the program blocks ads only in browsers. To block it in applications, we buy the premium version and get quite rich functionality.

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Blocking ads on websites

If you need to block ads on websites, then it's even easier to do this than with ads in apps. So, you can use browsers with their own ad blockers, such as Adblock Browser and the advertised UC Browser.

If you need to use a browser that you are already accustomed to using, you can add a browser add-on. For example, Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Samsung Internet support the installation of browser add-ons.

For example, the Samsung Internet browser in a special menu offers to install various ad blockers in the browser.

Samsung Internet

Such blockers are usually suitable for all popular browsers. The same blocker works in the Yandex browser.

Ad blocker in Yandex browser

Browser ad blockers are freely available in the Play Store, unlike other apps, as this is against Google's policy.

In most cases, blockers do not affect the display of content on the site in any way. The ad block is usually “cut off”, and the text in the article simply takes its place, ie. the article “shrinks” a little. If the advertising blocks are located on the sides, in the sidebar, then you simply will not notice their disappearance.

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Removing a blocker

Removing ad blocker is as easy as a regular app on your phone / tablet. Go to Settings> Applications> Uninstall tab. Select the application you want and click “Delete”.

Removing a blocker

All information, cache and settings (hosts file) will be deleted.

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