Anyone who wants to buy Huawei Mate 40 will have to try hard

Huawei Mate 40 hasn't even been shown yet, and the adventures of this long-suffering phone are in full swing. Let me remind you that last year this series was the first to be hit by US sanctions. Huawei The Mate 30 was the first smartphone Huawei to come out without access to Google services. Last year, the company even handed it out as part of a special program in order to collect user opinions. As a result, the first thousand buyers, upon prior request, could buy it for half the price. Then another two thousand devices were sold, too, on excellent, but slightly less attractive terms. This year the situation will be completely different and, apparently, the company has made a decision that will lead to great difficulties in purchasing this device.

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Should we wait for new smartphones Huawei

As for the company's problems and fate Huawei in general, users are divided into two main camps: some believe that the company's days in the smartphone market are numbered, others are confident that it can cope. At the same time, she will not only survive, but will become a real symbol, which will have to show the United States that sanctions against Chinese companies are not just senseless, but even harmful for the United States. It will be able to prove this only if it becomes as strong as before the sanctions, but at the same time completely switches to its products. In this situation, it remains for us to observe the development of events, as well as those new products that the company will release, including the upcoming series Huawei Mate 40.

One of the main premieres Huawei in particular and the industry as a whole in the second half of this year will be the release of the flagships of the Mate 40 series. Earlier it was said that the new product would be shown in September this year, but now they say that they will have to wait until October, or even until November. Huawei herself remains visibly calm and encourages her fans to wait a bit, promising that the premiere will take place as scheduled. But it does not specify exactly when this will happen.

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And let it be just a concept. We may not see him, but cool!

Meanwhile, reputable insider Evan Blass announced that the Huawei Mate 40 series will not be released this year. We'll have to wait until 2021. However, he did not specify whether it was a global market or a Chinese market. Other sources report that the novelty will be on sale in China from the very beginning and will only appear on the international market next year.

How to buy Huawei Mate 40

From this we can conclude that this year it will be much more difficult to buy a new product than in the past, when it was not only sold in all stores, but also distributed through a promotion. In addition, even buying a gadget at full price, one could count on a more than generous set of gifts.

Rumor has it that Huawei is assessing the situation soberly. The company does not expect a great demand for the flagship Mate 40, realizing the complexity of the current situation. Problems with the supply of processors only once again add complexity to an already difficult situation. According to information released recently, at the time of the supply ban, the company was able to accumulate only 15 million processors. This is several times less than what is needed only for Huawei Mate 40. Even last year the company sold more Mate 30 series devices in the first couple of months.

They even say that amid problems with the production of processors and falling demand, Huawei has reduced orders for other components by about 30-40%.

New firmware Huawei EMUI 11

At Huawei Developer Conference 2020, the company unveiled EMUI 11, the latest version of its mobile software. It was also announced the launch of beta testing of several models of smartphones.

These builds are reported to be based on Android 10 and not Android 11 as previously expected. The company later provided further clarification on this matter. The Chinese giant first confirmed that some features Android 11 will be included in EMUI 11. This means that the final version of EMUI 11 will likely remain based on Android 10. Like the beta .

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You can draw Huawei Mate 40 as much as you like. It is clear that he will be cool, but where is he?

Due to the ban, the US Huawei was unable to partner with Google to develop its new software based on the latest version Android. In a second statement, the company announced that devices running EMUI 11, which the company claims are based on distributed technology, could be upgraded to HarmonyOS in the future. However, this statement does not mention specific models that may be updated. We do not know if the HarmonyOS installation will be forced or if users will make their own choice.

It turns out that now we have to try more and more to buy a smartphone Huawei. Many would gladly buy a Huawei Mate 40 or Mate 40 Pro, as technically the device will still be cool and will continue to run on the company's proprietary processor. Perhaps he will not receive a continuation and the more valuable the smartphone on its latest version will be. Moreover, Huawei has pumped up its app store quite well and most of the users will find everything they need in it.

Despite such interest of some users, they will have to try hard to buy a device. In addition to the fact that you just need to save up for it, and it will cost a lot, you still need to get it. To do this, you will have to place an order from China or look for some other workarounds. Let's see what happens … Or maybe this is just a good marketing ploy to make buyers more actively disassemble the new product?

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