Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone

It is still widely believed that a VPN is only needed by hackers and computer 'gurus'. Recently, however, the number of sites and services that are inaccessible on a territorial basis has grown sharply (and it's not just about blocking – often the service just doesn't officially work in Russia, like Spotify does). Therefore, any user, if his favorite site turns out to be inaccessible, will want to visit it again sooner. And just all this can be done using a VPN.

Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone

Not everyone knows how to use a VPN correctly

While most people use VPN services solely as part of the above case, a VPN is needed for more than just accessing restricted sites. These services hide user activity and location from service providers, search engines and scammers.

Pros of using a VPN

  1. The provider does not see which resources the user is visiting, and cannot block, implement their scripts and toolbars;
  2. With a VPN, everyone sees the IP address of the server, not the user;
  3. It becomes almost impossible to calculate the real location by IP.

How to use VPM correctly

For a specific purpose, you should use a suitable VPN application. For torrents – one thing, viewing foreign services – another. Or use a universal solution that takes into account all the features of the platforms. Services like Surfshark have applications not only for Android, but also for iOS, Windows, PlayStation and other operating systems.

Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone

The right VPN can be used both for specific life situations and in order to ensure anonymity on the Internet. We in the editorial office, for example, have long chosen the Surfshark application. There are no restrictions on speed and traffic, you can choose one of dozens of servers in different countries, there is a built-in firewall for additional protection against unauthorized connections. But the main thing is that it is cross-platform, and it is a pleasure to use it on Android.

One of the features of this service is support for bank-grade encryption. To do this, it uses the Advanced Encryption Standard encryption algorithm with 256-bit keys, reliably protecting the user's personal data. This is especially important when using public Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, subways, cafes and restaurants and other similar places.

There are also enough advanced features. For example, CleanWeb mode blocks ads, website tracking, and malware. And in the settings, you can configure the connection in such a way that all sessions are terminated as soon as the VPN is disconnected. If you don't want to tell everyone your real location or share your network activity data, you can't disconnect from the VPN for a second.

Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone

Fortunately, the list of servers is huge – from the USA and European countries to Japan and others. In addition to physical VPN servers, it is possible to configure a virtual one.

Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone

The application operates on a subscription model – with one subscription valid for all known platforms. The most profitable thing is to sign up for a two-year subscription at once, so that monthly access to the service costs only two dollars. And if you don't like something, you can always get your money back within 30 days.

Why you should install a VPN on your smartphone

It is more profitable to issue for two years – it turns out cheaper than a cup of coffee

Why not some free VPN? There have been too many scandals lately that such applications monitor user actions and sell them to advertisers. Not to mention the fact that they contain hidden Trojans. You can also forget about traffic encryption. Here, it is clear what the developers are making money on, and there is no need to worry about the safety of their anonymity.

You can conveniently try its functionality for free for a week. No in-app purchases, additional traffic fees, and more.

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