Apple explained why it is better to buy iPad than a Chromebook

Comparing a new product with a competitor's is not the most honest technique, which is nevertheless often used by many companies at presentations. Apple understood this perfectly, and therefore almost never resorted to it. Still, when you compare something with something, it is obvious that you will do it as profitable for yourself and as unprofitable as possible for a competitor. However, if your product is objectively better, why not declare it, especially since it is more convenient for the user to perceive information in a comparison format.


Chromebooks are worse than iPad. Apple guarantees

At the presentation on September 15 Apple introduced a couple of new ones iPad. Undoubtedly, the new items turned out to be very pleasant both in terms of price and capabilities. But if consumers buy iPad 8 and so, then iPad Air 4, even with external and functional attractiveness, needs to be somehow praised, given the rather high price. However, this Apple was a success, because in comparison with Chromebooks, even the weakest and cheapest iPad will look like a real benchmark, and here is already a whole iPad Air.

Most powerful iPad

Presentation iPad

iPad Air 4 6x faster than most popular Chromebook

Since iPad Air 4 is equipped with the most powerful mobile processor of our time – the A14, – Apple couldn't help but focus on it. Therefore, Cupertino stated directly that their new tablet is three times faster than the most popular tablet at Android, and six times faster than the most popular Chromebook. In principle, this is logical, given that the most popular Chromebook is most likely the cheapest, and therefore not the most powerful. But the fact is that the A-series processors Apple have the highest computing power, even surpassing the solutions Intel. Therefore, to accuse the company from Cupertino of hypocrisy in this case is completely inappropriate.

Phil Schiller, ex-senior vice president Apple of international marketing, says about Chromebooks:

Children and students who study using high technology will have greater success. It's not hard to see why they don't like to study in classrooms. To help them achieve their best results, you need to give them the most advanced tools. But Chromebooks are not about that. They only made it into classrooms because they were cheap. If all you want to do is test the knowledge of the kids, then maybe a cheap Chromebook can do it. But with him they will definitely not achieve success in life.

Which is better: iPad or Chromebook

iPad Air 4

iPad – even the cheapest – will be better than any chromebook

Perhaps Phil Schiller's words look somewhat derogatory in relation to Chromebooks, which are highly popular in educational institutions. But the fact is that the demand for them is really due to their cheapness, and not functionality. And, meanwhile, iPad – at least the classic lineup – offer not only a comparable price, but also many times exceed laptops by Chrome OS from a functional point of view. What is the support of Photoshop, Lightroom and a large number of other applications for work and study, which Chrome OS do not exist and are unlikely to appear already.

Once I was thinking about buying a Chromebook for personal use. However, I didn't want to buy plastic something from Samsung or Acer, so I turned my attention to the Chromebook Pixel. But at a cost comparable to the MacBook Pro, it offered much less functionality. Therefore, I just bought iPad, which cost 4 times less and at the same time had a lot of advantages. Therefore, if you suddenly face the same question, take iPad – even the most accessible one. Guaranteed you won't regret it.

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