Should you buy the Redmi Note 9? What the owners say

Probably, each of us, before buying a new smartphone, wondered whether it was worth buying. This is exactly the model that you like so much. Because external beauty and powerful stuffing is not everything. It is very important to know what the owners say about this device, who have already managed to use it and make their own impression. After all, it is possible to understand that a smartphone does not 'pull' only in real use conditions. Where to get them? Of course, on Yandex.Market, where we periodically get the latest feedback from users of various smartphones. Today in line is a brand new Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Should you buy the Redmi Note 9?  What the owners say

Redmi Note 9 Pro is a very versatile smartphone, although it claims to be a cameraphone

Redmi Note 9 Pro is the successor to Redmi Note 8 Pro, but greatly improved and eliminated the shortcomings of its predecessor. Chances are the engineers Redmi took last year's Note 8 Pro, read the reviews and fixed them, releasing some sort of bug fix. However, this did not prevent the price of the new item from being kept at a fairly acceptable level – from 16 to 22 thousand rubles, depending on where to buy a smartphone: from servo carriers or from officials.

Why is Redmi Note 9 Pro better than Redmi Note 8 Pro

Should you buy the Redmi Note 9?  What the owners say

Redmi Note 9 Pro is an improved version of Redmi Note 8 Pro

The hardware base Redmi Note 9 Pro is a Qualcomm 720G processor versus MediaTek Helio 90G. Although the brainchild MediaTek had a fairly high computing power, it had at least two problems: low popularity among manufacturers and the lack of opportunities for flashing. But if most users do not care about custom, then the low demand for this processor from manufacturers made it unpopular among developers who were not eager to port applications such as Google Camera for it.

Despite the fact that Redmi Note 9 Pro is a budget camera phone, as we have already seen, in general users perceive it as a universal solution that performs well in a wide variety of use cases. This is evidenced by the high rating on Yandex.Market (4.7 out of 5.0) and a fairly large number of positive ratings (about 85%).

Owner reviews Redmi Note 9 Pro

Should you buy the Redmi Note 9?  What the owners say

There are more positive reviews about Redmi Note 9 Pro than negative ones. The latter are actually very few

Judging by the reviews, Redmi Note 9 Pro turned out to be really very balanced, albeit a rather large device. The diagonal of its display is almost 6.7 inches. But the designers Redmi really drew a very good design. The front camera looks especially attractive, which was inserted into the island cutout in the middle of the screen. The four-camera system, which is indeed very often praised, takes great pictures – provided, of course, using the GCam port or straight arms. But the 5000 mAh battery, apparently, there are not enough stars from the sky, although it provides one and a half to two days of work with not the most active use.

In my opinion, it is a very balanced device in terms of price-quality ratio. The lack of a fashionable AMOLED display is more likely a plus than a minus for me – no need to think about PWM, and AMOLED would inevitably lead to a rise in the cost of the device. The camera – even the stock one – does a pretty good job. Night mode is, of course, sadness. But by default, the Camera2 API is already active in the stock firmware – you can pick up GCam and improve this moment a little. The size of the phone – you have to understand that this is really a shovel. Battery – nothing to say yet. Well, it holds for two days with daily workloads – mail, social networks, calls, YouTube. Then let's see how it will be, – wrote one of the users.

Yes, indeed, the Redmi Note 9 Pro – obviously to save on production – was equipped with an IPS – not AMOLED – a matrix. On the one hand, because of this, the smartphone has noticeably lost the quality of the picture. But, on the other hand, users will not have to suffer from screen flickering, from which organic panels begin to suffer at below average brightness.

What else you need to know about the Redmi Note 9 Pro

  • The best firmware MIUI
  • Upgrade perspective to Android 11
  • Fingerprint scanner in the side power button
  • The weight of the smartphone is as much as 209 grams

But do not forget that this is still a camera phone, albeit frankly inexpensive. A 64 megapixel camera with the proper skills or skills in installing auxiliary software allows you to take really cool pictures. But even without it, everything can be achieved at the highest level. Just look at how Redmi Note 9 Pro shoots in the dark.

Should you buy the Redmi Note 9?  What the owners say

Left – photo in normal mode, right – in night mode

He doesn't need any Google Cameras! Yes, this is not entirely honest shooting, but the lightening of the frame, which is produced by software algorithms. But if you are not a professional photographer, what difference can it make to you? For me personally, none.

Should you buy the Redmi Note 9 Pro? In my opinion, worth it. This is a very well-crafted smartphone that has a good camera with four modules for different shooting scenarios, but is no less versatile thanks to excellent hardware from Qualcomm, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Well, if you grab it for 16-18 thousand rubles, it will be a real gift, which, due to the glass case and the 5000 mAh battery, looks even more attractive than the Galaxy A51.

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