Samsung has launched another 'iPad' without fanfare.

The tablet computer market is something very strange and not accepted by everyone. Some adore them, buying a simple dialer to pair with them. Others hate them, preferring a good smartphone. Still others buy it and it is lying around in their box, and is used once a month. There is also a category of people who, regardless of which brand of smartphone they choose, only recognize iPad from Apple as a tablet. This is not surprising, because it was the Cupertin tablet that became a household name and has long won over many users. Simply put, objectively (almost) he's the best. It seems that Samsung has once again thought so.

Samsung has launched another 'iPad' without fanfare.

The new tablet is very good.

New Samsung Tablet

Rumors that the Korean manufacturer is preparing its new tablet have been circulating for a very long time. We heard about it for the first time a few months ago and since then, loyal fans have been waiting for it.

Its important feature was to be its low cost. At least lower than the top-end Galaxy Tab S6. This is especially true against the background of how Apple has spread its network of tablets to all price categories, and Huawei produces devices with killer features (even if they are supported only within the infrastructure Huawei).

Today the rumors have taken shape and become official. Samsung has almost invisibly placed the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in its Indonesia store. I wonder why they did this? Do they have anything to be ashamed of? Or is it the current difficulties with logistics in the world?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite specifications

The rumors that circulated earlier were confirmed and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is very similar to the company's flagship tablet, but with some assumptions, if I may say so. It has become a simpler version of the flagship – so it will be more correct.

Samsung has launched another 'iPad' without fanfare.

Buy the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite?

The display of the novelty has become slightly smaller than its older brother. Its diagonal is 10.4 inches. The resolution will be quite high – 2400 x 1200 pixels. The aspect ratio, as is clear from the resolution, is two to one. Another difference from the more expensive Galaxy Tab S6 is the matrix. The new version has a TFT panel installed instead of OLED.

But the support for the proprietary S-Pen stylus has not gone anywhere. Here we must pay tribute to the company that they do not sell it separately, as it does Apple, but sell a ready-made kit. Even if you don't need it, you still get a solution to fully work with all possible functions.

It will be a fly in the ointment that, apparently, the stylus of the new tablet does not have a battery and a communication module. That is, it will not work as an analogue for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung has launched another 'iPad' without fanfare.

Most likely, this stylus will be very simple.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is powered by an eight-core 1.7 GHz processor (with 2.3 GHz gain), but the chip manufacturer has not been disclosed. I hope that this is not Exynos, although the likelihood that this is it is very high.

The new product has only 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. Support for microSD cards is provided for expanding memory, and a USB-C port is used for charging and syncing.

The battery is reported to have a capacity of 7040 mAh. This should be enough for 12 hours of battery life. As for me, this is a very good indicator. At least it is above the market average.

Lovers of wired music will appreciate the headphone jack on the device. On the other hand, almost no one is going to end up in tablets from him. There is usually enough space in them so that there is no problem with the placement of the connector. There is no information about whether there are headphones in the kit, but most likely not.

The new tablet works naturally on Android 10 with Samsung's proprietary shell – One UI 2.1. It is not yet possible to say if the tablet has DeX support, but most likely not. All the same, with rare exceptions and some decrease in performance, the new tablet is almost a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, but it costs less.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

It seems to me that if I asked you to guess the cost of a new tablet, you would do it very easily. Since we are an information portal, I will not leave this question unanswered.

The price of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is $ 400 (about 29,700 rubles) in Indonesia. At this price, it will have to compete with the base iPad for 28,000 rubles and the HUAWEI MediaPad M5 10.8 for 25,000 rubles.

Samsung has launched another 'iPad' without fanfare.

There are also such colors for the novelty.

For me personally, the choice in this situation is not obvious. I would think hard before buying. Especially if I didn't have a Samsung smartphone to use the shared functions.

It is not yet clear how much the new tablet will cost when it comes to our market, but the price is unlikely to change very much. Most likely, it will compete with the above devices.

If iPad still has a minus in the form of wide borders, then Huawei is fine with this, and the price is almost a hundred dollars lower. Well, since we talked about iPad, it should be noted that the new product is almost like two drops of water similar to iPad Pro, which, however, costs more than 60,000 rubles. If you need such a design like air, then you can't find an option. One thing is clear for sure. Samsung is not firing at all and just does what people like with tablets. iPad means iPad. If it had a different design, maybe the Galaxy Tab 6S would be different.

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