Review Android 9 Pie Go Edition

Android Go Android Go is a version of the operating system aimed at ultra-budget smartphones as well as markets with poor mobile internet.

Android 9 Pie Go Edition is much less demanding on the hardware, and all basic Google applications and services are optimized for weak hardware.

Android Go

Google guarantees high speed of the OS on weak devices. Let's compare Android 9 Go to its original sibling.

More free memory

Typically, ultra-budget devices have no more than 8GB of internal storage. The regular version Android Pie software shell takes ~ 5.5 GB, and this does not include proprietary services that cannot be removed. Thus, a user with 8 GB of memory on board is left with 2-2.5 GB for personal use, which is simply ridiculous by modern standards. In the Go version, the system image and all proprietary applications were compressed by about 2 times.

Android Go

On the left is the regular version; right – Go Edition

And here is a good example of how much space the applications occupied before compression (left) and after compression (right).

How much space do applications take

All branded apps have been redesigned to make them comfortable to use on low-end devices. Especially for this version, one new application was developed – Files Go, which should help users in finding files.

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As we said earlier, all Google branded apps and services have been significantly redesigned and optimized to improve their performance on ultra-budget devices.

Google Go.

The Google search engine has been redesigned from scratch, so now the owners of weak smartphones can quickly find the desired site, download the application, photos, etc.

Google Go Assistant.

For the first time ever Android, Google Voice Assistant has become available on devices with <1 GB of RAM. Ask him something and the Google Assistant will instantly respond to your request.

Gboard Go.

The redesigned Google keyboard includes everything you need: auto-correction (T9), voice typing, 220 layouts in various languages, and much more.

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Much attention was paid to the security and safety of user data.

Data Saver.

A specially designed program to control the use of your data by other applications. You will always be aware of which applications are using your data.

Use of mobile data

Peer-to-Peer technology.

This technology allows you to exchange files with other people without fear for the safety of personal data.

Chrome Go.

The famous Google browser in the Go version has its own data protection system. When this system is turned on, it reduces the volume of mobile data sent by up to 60%.

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Google Play Protection

All Android – smartphones come with built-in Google Play antivirus, which monitors the safety of the applications you download and the safety of data 24/7.

After installation and before the first launch of a program or game, the system will check the application for viruses and other malware.

More than 2 billion devices are scanned daily. Google Play Antivirus scans your devices daily for malware. It also tries to restrict third-party applications from accessing your data if you have not given appropriate permission. Google Play Protection continues to work even when the smartphone is locked.

Google Play built-in antivirus

Find My Device – If you lose your smartphone or someone stole it, you can track its location by logging into your Google account from another device.

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Developer information

As with the original version Android 9 – Android 9 Pie Go Edition is also open source, so developers can study the redesigned OS and build / optimize their applications for ultra- budget devices.

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