Play games on your phone

Play Phone games The service from Google Play Games is associated with all games that you have downloaded and installed through the Play Store. The service monitors your gaming activity and assigns different ranks / levels. The Play Games account stores all achievements, saves and completed levels in games. So when you change your phone, you won't lose all your progress in games. Additionally, I recommend linking the game (if it is online) with an account Facebook or mail – for reliability.

So, we find all the options for Play Games in Settings> Google> Play Games.

Play games on your phone

  • Game profile. You can share your achievements in games with other users. Those. your game rating will be open to everyone. The rating is calculated based on all passed + points + experience + achievements and passed levels. All these indicators are added up, and you are assigned a player level.
  • Log in to your game profile automatically. There is an automatic login to your gamer profile when you start any game. Thus, you can accumulate points and increase your level.
  • Use this account to sign in to new games. Again, this is necessary for the accumulation of general gaming experience. Or if you previously played this game, then deleted it, and after a while decided to play again, progress in the game will not be lost. You won't have to start all over again.
  • Game profile visibility. You show other users your nickname and email address. Thanks to this information, anyone can find you and write a message.
  • Vibration for notifications from the Play Games service. Everything is clear here. A notification comes – vibration on the phone. This can be news about your games, your achievements, and more. I recommend turning it off so as not to be distracted again.
  • Notifications from games. A useful option only for active mobile gamers playing online multiplayer games. Notifications are needed in order not to miss the general gathering in the clan / group / community to participate in the war, for example. Or when a character completes a task for a while: the task is completed – a notification comes. I use this option in The Simpsons and Clash of Clans.
  • Delete Play Games profile. If you delete a profile, all gameplay in all games will be lost. You can save your progress in the game if you link your game account to Facebook.

This is all the settings. Play and level up your gamer.

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