OnePlus launches its rival Google Assistant

Despite the fact that many smartphone manufacturers are trying to remake Android in their own way, hiding it under their own shell, which often differs from the original operating system in a completely dramatic way, they still have to use applications and services authored by Google. But if Google Chrome or Google Maps can still be replaced with something, then it is almost impossible to find a replacement for Google Play or, even more so, Google Assistant. After all, products of this scale are usually, if not unique, then extremely complex and expensive to implement. But some take it as a challenge.

OnePlus launches its rival Google Assistant

Google and Samsung aren't the only ones with their own voice assistants

OnePlus decided that it can afford to transfer branded smartphones to work with its own voice assistant. Moreover, these are not potential plans, but a completely realized project, which has not only a name – OnePlus Voice Assistant – but also a real embodiment. Right now, the project is in beta testing, but it is already ready for live users to try to communicate with it. Therefore, OnePlus is looking for those who would agree to take part in the tests of the assistant.

How OnePlus Voice Assistant works

OnePlus launches its rival Google Assistant

Breeno is Oppo's voice assistant now used by OnePlus

The audience of potential participants in the beta testing program of the assistant is very limited. First, the potential tester must be the owner of the OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 Pro smartphones. Secondly, test devices must necessarily work on the basis of the HydrogenOS shell, which is distributed only in the Chinese market. Well, and thirdly, only users from China are allowed to test, because so far the only language spoken by the voice assistant is Chinese.

OnePlus' voice assistant is not really unique to the company. Apparently, the Breeno assistant was taken as a basis, developed by Oppo specialists, which, like OnePlus, is part of the BBK concern. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of BBK's daughter is allowed to use the work of another. In the end, how do you think OnePlus managed to enter the already formed smartphone market and not just fly out of it, but very firmly gain a foothold in it and become one of the most famous vendors? Of course, thanks to financial contributions from the parent company.

How to download OnePlus Voice Assistant

According to confirmed information received from OnePlus, the company plans to expand the audience of beta testers of the branded assistant soon. The first in line are the owners of smartphones OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro, which came out relatively recently. Apparently, OnePlus is still finalizing the assistant so that it can work properly on new devices as well. However, if you own a OnePlus 7/7 Pro bought in China and are fluent in Chinese, you can try installing OnePlus Voice Assistant by downloading it from this link.

How promising is such a development in principle? In my opinion, OnePlus Voice Assistant is a small-town story that is unlikely to grow into anything more. Even if the Chinese manage to teach their assistant new languages, which is unlikely, most likely, they will not be able to surpass Google Assistant. They probably don't count on it. Indeed, in China, the services of the search giant still do not work, which means that something needs to be done that could replace Google Assistant for local users.

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