Ok Google! Leave me alone! How do I turn off the voice assistant?

I sincerely respect Google's voice assistant. In Russian reality, Alisa seems more adapted to me, and her voice is more pleasant. But compared to the dull Siri, Google Assistant is no match. And in terms of a combination of factors, he is probably the best voice assistant of its kind. The problem is that sometimes it is completely unnecessary and it is much easier to disable it than to continue using it. Often because of this, he even begins to annoy, and if this begins, then you pay more and more attention to him. In short, a vicious circle. However, not everyone knows how to disable it, and therefore they often ask about it. In this article, I will answer everyone at once.

Ok Google!  Leave me alone!  How do I turn off the voice assistant?

The assistant is good, but sometimes annoying.

Google Assistant features

I agree that the Google Assistant can be very useful and has evolved significantly since it first appeared on our phones. But what if he continues to come out with his advice even at the moment when you absolutely do not need him, or you just do not want your phone to always listen to you? It's very simple – you need to disable unnecessary functions and life will become as simple as before.

The most annoying thing in Google Assistant is when it just crawls out at the moment when you don't expect it at all, and the call was made by mistake. Sometimes this happens when unlocking a smartphone. This happens if you accidentally hold down the Power button a little longer.

As a result, you must first close it and only then perform all the necessary actions. Of course, we are talking about seconds and do not think that this is a very long and complicated process. The fact is that we are accustomed to the maximum responsiveness of the interface and to the fact that even on inexpensive smartphones everything works very quickly and does not make us waste even extra fractions of seconds.

It's like YouTube. Not so long ago, studies were carried out that showed that if a video does not start within three seconds, users become nervous, and if 6 seconds have passed, then the video is closed. Although, it would seem, only 6 seconds.

After opening, the assistant captures your voice, analyzes it and performs the action you specified. You can even carry your smartphone in your pocket and accidentally activate the Google Assistant. I had this too. It turns out especially disgusting when you are talking to someone or a video is playing in the background. In this case, the assistant snatches a piece of the conversation and tries to answer it like a request.

Turn off Google Assistant

If something of what I described above or the like happened to you in your everyday life and you are tired of the Google Assistant, you should just turn it off and there are three options for this.

Easy deactivation of Google Assistant

If you decide to turn off the Google Assistant completely, follow these steps. Open the Google app and select Menu (three dots), then go to “Settings”. Under Google Assistant, select “Assistant”. At the bottom of the list, select “Phone” and disable the “Google Assistant”

Ok Google!  Leave me alone!  How do I turn off the voice assistant?

Ok Google!  Leave me alone!  How do I turn off the voice assistant?

How to disable the assistant call button

In most cases, disabling the Google Assistant button will be sufficient. Thus, you will no longer be able to access the assistant when you press the Power button. So you can get rid of those very random calls.

Go to Settings and select “Applications”, then open “Default Applications” and then click “Assistant Application”. Here you can change various settings, including turning off the call of the Google Assistant with the Power button. Just in the “Assistant” section select “No”.

Ok Google!  Leave me alone!  How do I turn off the voice assistant?

This option is the most optimal, since it does not disable the Assistant completely and allows you to continue using it if necessary. But you will never call it by accident.

Removing Google updates

Since we are talking about all the options, then let's continue to the last and really go through all the possibilities. The last one will be to remove Google updates. That’s still an idea, but why not do so if you want to be different?

The Google Assistant is a relatively new development; early versions of Google Assistant did not exist. Accordingly, if you roll back to the same version, then nothing will happen and we will get the version without the Assistant. However, in this case, other updates will also be lost.

To implement this action, go to “Settings”, then “Applications” and then select “Task Manager”. After that, select the Google app from the list and go to it.

Inside you will need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the “Remove updates” option. After that, the application version will return to the original one.

Ok Google!  Leave me alone!  How do I turn off the voice assistant?

Tell us in the comments or in our Telegram chat how you feel about the Assistant and are you ready to use it? Or is it better to turn it off?

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