Nearby service (My surroundings)

Nearby service The Nearby service on Android shows apps and sites related to objects and places near you. Those. allows you to interact with services that are within 30 meters of you. For example, you can place an order in a cafe around the corner or play a game with a friend (each on his own phone), or you can work with colleagues nearby, or simply exchange some information (transfer from phone to phone).

How does it work?

Go to Settings> Google> Nearby.

Nearby enable

Interaction with objects (cafes, restaurants, museums). When you are near a place, you will receive a notification on your phone about the available options. And click on that notification.

Interacting with objects

Interaction with people. If another person nearby has this Nearby feature turned on, you are prompted to establish a connection. Agree, and let your friend accept your connection request.

Nearby service uses the Internet to work, it connects to Google databases and looks for places to interact with you. Don't forget to turn on receiving notifications.

Nearby notifications

In Russia, the service works mainly in large cities. There are many more places in Europe to interact with. Go on vacation, do not forget about the service “My environment” – it really simplifies life and saves time (no need to stand in queues).

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