Last opportunity to snatch VPN on Android for 150 rubles

There is an opinion among users that only hackers and computer 'gurus' need a VPN. But this is far from the case. Recently, more and more services have appeared that are not available in Russia on a geographical basis. Not to mention the growing number of cybercriminals who want to steal personal data of users, as well as providers and social networks that monitor network activity. With a VPN, all traffic you send from your device is routed through this virtual, completely secure tunnel, protecting your gadget from almost any kind of espionage, surveillance or hacking. And it costs less than 150 rubles!


Online security has become especially relevant lately

Want to watch the latest US Netflix series that will never appear in Russia? A VPN will let you do this – again by offering an IP address that masks your location and allows you to bypass geo-blocking. And there are a lot of such examples – from Amazon Prime to other services. Thus, you can easily register with the desired service, as it were, 'within the country' and view the desired content without any problems.

In addition, there are many organizations and large private offices (including even your ISP) that have official (or unofficial) authority to access your data. Among such companies are large social networks, smartphone manufacturers and others. They use their tools to sell your data to advertisers, and in fact they follow you every time you go online.

Unlimited VPN on Android

Of course, this is no good, which is why VPNs are ubiquitous on Google Play. I installed such an application on my Android smartphone, turned on the VPN, and you can forget about such worries. But you also need to choose a VPN wisely: free services, for example, often lose connection. You think you are connected to a private network, but in reality you are not. The Surfshark app, for example, has options for setting up a VPN to keep it always on.

Last opportunity to snatch VPN   on Android for 150 rubles

Surfshark VPN won't lose connection

There are no restrictions on speed and traffic, you can choose one of dozens of servers in different countries, there is a built-in firewall for additional protection against unauthorized connections. Plus, it's cross-platform.

Nice extra features include CleanWeb mode, which blocks ads, website tracking, and malware. Plus Surfshark uses a 256-bit key encryption algorithm, SHA256 authentication, so everything is very secure.

Last opportunity to snatch VPN   on Android for 150 rubles

A large number of servers and support for encryption makes this service one of the best

As a rule, the cost of access to such services is appropriate, but as part of a limited campaign, Surfshark offers unlimited access to VPN for less than 150 rubles per month. Now a cup of coffee is more expensive, but here for this money you get a universal cross-platform tool with which you will not only protect yourself online, but also be able to access sites that are inaccessible in the Russian Federation by geography. Hurry up to subscribe before the price increase in September!


Now is the last opportunity to subscribe at the old price

What do you get for 150 rubles per month

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Large number of servers
  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Safe surfing the Internet
  • Access to sites inaccessible in Russia
  • Ad blocking mode

There are a lot of VPN services now, but the levels of encryption of all traffic to exclude cases of its interception by third parties are different for everyone. We've been using Surfshark for a long time precisely for its focus on security. To start using the service, you just need to install the application on Android and register – the program will run in the background, and it will take just one click to start the connection.

Get an unlimited VPN for 150 rubles

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