Introduced Noise Canceling USB Type-C Headphones That Work With Any Android

Every time Apple releases a new accessory, users Android are interested in whether it will work with smartphones running on Google's operating system. AirPods Pro, unlike many other devices Apple, can be connected to the phone at Android without any problems. But here is another problem – Apple headphones with active noise canceling are very expensive, about 20,000 rubles. Unsurprisingly, other manufacturers are developing their own noise canceling headphones, and by not overpaying for the brand, they are able to charge more affordable prices. Some of these headphones were introduced not so long ago, and they have hybrid noise cancellation.

Introduced Noise Canceling USB Type-C Headphones That Work With Any Android

A new player has entered the TWS headphone market

What is Hybrid Noise Cancellation

Most active noise canceling headphones have two different signal processing chips Bluetooth and, directly, the noise canceling itself. However, modern processors allow you to combine these two technologies on one processor. For example, Qualcomm's QCC5124 chip is used in the new Tronsmart Apollo Bold headphones.

Why is this needed? Headphones can suppress noise in both wide and narrow ranges for the best effect. For example, if ordinary TWS headphones can only suppress noise up to 25-28 dB, then with a hybrid system this figure increases to 35 dB. To do this, microphones 'listen' to sounds around and remove all unnecessary, so that you are left alone with the music. In fact, everything works exactly like this: we entered the subway, turned on active noise cancellation – and minimized all extraneous sounds. And on the street or at home, they disappear altogether, as if they put on earplugs with the ability to reproduce sound.

Introduced Noise Canceling USB Type-C Headphones That Work With Any Android

The headphones have a hybrid noise cancellation system and support aptX

Tronsmart Apollo Bold Headphone Features

  • Graphene drivers with aptX codec support;
  • Six built-in microphones provide better sound quality for calls;
  • Laser LDS antenna for more reliable connection
  • Up to 30 hours of work with the charging case (up to 10 hours on a single charge);
  • In-ear detection function.

The headphones also use the specially developed TrueWireless Stereo Plus technology for synchronous signal transmission. That is, the sound arrives simultaneously on both headphones, whereas a scheme is often used in which one earbud acts as a receiver, and the second 'receives' the sound from it. It turns out that the headphones work without problems separately, and due to the presence of the in-ear detection function, they will be able to stop playback if you take them out. Just like AirPods Pro.

Introduced Noise Canceling USB Type-C Headphones That Work With Any Android

All functions of the headphones can be controlled

Apollo Bolds have touch control – for this, high-sensitivity panels are installed on the side of both headphones. You can adjust the volume, stop or resume playback, answer a call, end a conversation, and more. It is enough to learn a couple of combinations and then operate the headphones without even thinking.

Of course, for many, 9,000 rubles is also a lot of money, but for excellent headphones with the ability to connect via Bluetooth and active noise reduction, as well as all the functions of AirPods Pro (there is even protection against water and sweat), the price is In our opinion, it is quite justified. Headphones are already available on AliExpress, and discounts are now on them.

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