I no longer use Google Play. And you?

Frankly speaking, this idea came to me for a long time, and I even passed through it several times in my materials, but never allowed myself to express myself more thoroughly. All somehow there was no reason. However, now, when I have to spend almost all the time at home, I was brainwashed and realized that I had completely stopped using Google Play. This terrifying trend has been going on for a couple of years and, apparently, is not going to turn in the opposite direction. But this, in my opinion, is a rather serious call.

I no longer use Google Play.  And you?

Google Play has become uninteresting to me, and this is a problem

I have been using smartphones under control Android – of course, intermittently – for about ten years now. At first, like very, very many, I was rather skeptical about the idea of ​​buying software, and therefore from time to time I sinned by downloading hacked versions of paid programs or games and felt quite comfortable. Nevertheless, quite quickly, I realized that this is first of all unsafe for myself, and secondly, that it is dishonorable to the developers who were creating the applications that I use.

Understanding this coincided with the growth of my personal income, and therefore I had no problems with buying software officially. Moreover, I needed very little: a convenient reader, advanced camera applications, because it seemed to me that with them my arms would automatically straighten, and photos would turn out an order of magnitude better, WhatsApp, which was then paid, a dictionary, because at that moment I was actively studying English, and, of course, games. They made up my main expense, albeit for a short time. There were also all sorts of utilities like smart alarms, handy calculators, applications for scanning documents. That, in fact, is all.

Then, for several years, I seemed to completely forget about the existence of app stores. I had everything and nothing new was simply required.

A new wave of consumption happened probably four years ago, when I became interested in streaming services. At that time, the subscription model had already become the norm, but it was still a little off-putting in its regularity. Therefore, I paid for music all the time – it was Apple Music, which I also used on my devices from Apple, but with video platforms everything was a little different. Then their assortment was incomparable to the current one, and therefore I just made out a subscription for a month, looked at everything I needed, and unsubscribed. After all, you will not pay in vain for what you do not use at all.

Is it profitable to pay for films and series

I no longer use Google Play.  And you?

Streaming services are the only software I've paid for continuously for several years.

True, my preferences changed quite quickly, I began to value convenience more and came to the understanding that I was ready to pay for streaming video services like Amediateka, IVI and Premier, even if I don’t watch them every day. My reasoning boiled down to banal analogies. After all, if I watch at least one episode a week on each set per week, then it is quite worth it, because going to the movie theater would cost me even more. Moreover, with the appearance of a child in the family, cartoons began to be broadcast in the house just in the background. Well, since thanks to a single subscription it became possible to watch them both on a smartphone, and on a tablet, and on a TV, the benefit from paying for a subscription began to be felt even more.

Since then, I have not turned to Google Play anymore, but enough time has passed. Moreover, I even deleted most of the programs, leaving only bank clients, cloud storage, instant messengers, the Yandex.Music application, which I stopped listening to from my smartphone altogether, and discount aggregators. In principle, it was possible to offset the interest in the app store from my daughter, whom we began to allow to play mobile games about a year ago. But the fact is that, firstly, she uses her wife's old iPad, which is completely gone to her, and, secondly, she turns not to Google Play, but to the App Store. So I prefer to think of her as an independent content consumer, independent of me. All that is required of me is to occasionally confirm payment for a new game with a fingerprint, nothing more.

What's wrong with Google Play

I no longer use Google Play.  And you?

Google Play has a real problem with stock. The reason is piracy

Why am I? And to the fact that either I am morally old and I am no longer attracted to anything new, or I really have everything I need. After all, even when buying a new smartphone, I simply use the data transfer application, which is already preinstalled by default, not to mention downloading something for myself. The last game I downloaded was probably downloaded about a year ago, and even then from the App Store, simply because Google Play does not have such a corny. I got bored with Google Play, but why?

Then I began to think and came to the conclusion that it was not me who had everything, and that Google was unable to attract developers who could interest me. Well, see for yourself. Epic Games studio does not want to publish their games from the word on Google Play at all. Neither the Infinity Blade saga, nor Fortnite, nor Battle Breakers have appeared there. There are not many music creation apps on Google Play. Of course, the reason here is the high latency Android – of smartphones, but in most cases, developers are simply not interested in competing for the search giant's catalog.

They just understand that a fair share of users, instead of buying a game or an application, will wait until the hacked version appears and download it, not buy it. For this reason, developers prefer to first collect all the cream on iOS, as Sega does, and only then come to Android, where, in general, there is nothing to catch. Perhaps I'm wrong, but my perception of the world is drawing in my head just such a picture and it needs to be urgently edited, otherwise it’s a failure, because the number of people like me will continuously grow exponentially.

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