I bought a flagship from Huawei and it stopped receiving updates

I have already written here many times that updates are of little value to me. This is on iOS without updates, a smartphone or tablet dies, and on Android their absence may not even be noticed. In the end, new functions can be learned from third-party applications, and in order to ensure your security in the slightest degree, it is enough not to download anything from the Internet and avoid third-party software catalogs. Therefore, for me personally, system updates are a kind of indication that my smartphone is still relevant and supported by the manufacturer who remembers it. A trifle, but nice. But recently I was deprived of this little thing.

I bought a flagship from Huawei and it stopped receiving updates

Huawei stopped updating my smartphone six months after purchase

In the past few months, my main smartphone is Honor View 20. I bought it in the summer in the wake of the hysteria that began in the market due to the ban on the use of Google services in smartphones Huawei. Yes, I took a risk, but I didn't believe in it too much, because the real blockade of one of the most influential vendors then seemed to me something unrealizable.

What is good about Honor View 20

I loved everything about Honor View 20, especially after LeEco Le 2. Full-screen design, high performance, cool camera, well-functioning facial recognition system and, most surprisingly, monthly security updates coming out as scheduled in at the beginning of each month, it made me a fan of the Chinese brand. The cherry on top of the cake was the update to Android 10 that arrived in late autumn, which I, guided by my pride, also rejoiced at, despite the fact that I was not particularly impressed by the innovations. Only I could not imagine that it would all end there.

The November patch that was included with Magic UI 3.0 (a skin for smartphones Honor built on top of Android 10) was the last security update my smartphone has received to date. Neither the December, nor the January, nor the more so the February update has yet reached me. Why? I have many versions, and one is worse than the other.

How many smartphones should be updated

I bought a flagship from Huawei and it stopped receiving updates

Honor View 20 has not been updated for three months. What's the matter Huawei?

First of all, it should be noted that Honor View 20 was released just a year ago, which means that it is entitled to at least two more years of updates. Therefore, the version that the smartphone is already outdated and not supported by the manufacturer is immediately swept aside.

Nevertheless, I am inclined to believe that in my case there is a deliberate – possibly temporary – refusal of the manufacturer from further updates Honor of the View 20, and maybe some other smartphones. This thought struck me quite recently when I decided to manually search for updates. Then I noticed that the Chinese began to register only the build number of the last update, ceasing to indicate its monthly membership, as it was before. Apparently, so that users do not worry too much when they see that their smartphone is working on a version three months ago.

What could be the matter here? I don’t know, I didn’t contact support Huawei, and why? Usually, in such cases, all that the user can expect is a standard unsubscribe that the company cares about our safety and plans to release an update soon. Another thing is that no specific dates are usually named in such situations – again, just in case. In the end, at least you can leave yourself room for maneuver, because if you do not promise anything concrete, then, accordingly, it will be pointless to demand anything.

Why smartphones are not updated Huawei

In my opinion, the lack of security updates could be due to the confrontation between Huawei and Google. Despite the fact that the search giant promised not to disconnect existing smartphones Huawei and Honor from Google Mobile Services, it is possible that the Chinese themselves could screw up somewhere or simply temporarily abandon the idea of ​​adapting updates. focusing on the development of Huawei Mobile Services. In any case, I don't want to believe that Huawei just spit on their users for no good reason, but the version about the consequences of the strife really makes sense. But who cares if the smartphone was deprived of support just a year after its release?

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