Which VPN is best to set to Android

Many have recently begun to think about their safety on the Web. The technology corporations themselves played a role in this: they are constantly accused of collecting and selling data, and even a calm user can become paranoid in the face of such news. What can we say about providers and unscrupulous application developers, of which there are a lot in Google Play. Cybercrime is also developing at a rapid pace, and you involuntarily begin to develop ways to protect yourself.

Which VPN is best to set to Android

Protect your traffic!

You can, of course, put on a foil hat, turn off the Internet and stay at home, but it is much easier to use the tools that were just invented in case of protecting personal data on the Web. The truth is that the more time we spend on the Internet and the more often we 'live' on the Internet, the more likely we are to become another victim. A VPN helps a lot with this, as it is a digital 'tunnel' that securely connects your device to a remote server, with additional encryption.

We often review VPN services because we understand how useful they are. But over the past few months, Google Play has seen many apps that lure users into 'completely free VPN', write eloquent texts about security, and happily sell their browsing and search data to advertisers. The moderation on the Google app store is not the strictest, and while some rogue programs are being removed, others can still be downloaded.

How to choose a VPN

There is only one way not to run into such an application yourself – to use a proven VPN, which is trusted by millions of users (and if it also has European roots, it's generally great – they attach great importance to privacy). The advantages of such services are that they provide high connection speed and privacy, not in words, but in deeds. Thus, the ZenMate service has more than 2,000 servers in 37 countries of the world, and almost 50 million people use it.

We really like this app because it is very simple. In fact, there are only two working screens – the main one with a connection and another one where you can select the country under which you want to 'disguise'. You can launch VPN in one click.

Which VPN is best to set to Android Which VPN is best to set to Android

VPN for access to American services

How this VPN compares favorably with others is the presence of separate servers for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other services that are not geographically available. Such servers are collected in a separate tab 'for streaming' and unblock streaming libraries from all popular platforms. There are also dedicated download servers optimized for maximum download speed and torrent privacy.

Which VPN is best to set to Android Which VPN is best to set to Android

It is not surprising that, with all the possibilities, this service is paid, but if you subscribe on the site, monthly access to it will cost about 100 rubles. And here you can definitely be sure that the data is not transferred to third parties, since it is clearly clear what the developers are earning on. Moreover, a service of this level will not deal with all sorts of muddy schemes – reputation is more expensive. The app has a strict no-log policy, which means that developers never write their user data.

VPN also helps to save money on services. Different services give different prices for the same services for users of a particular country. This works when renting a home, booking flights, and so on. Why not go through a couple of different locations before your vacation to save extra currency? Better to spend small change on souvenirs than on company politics.

You can try ZenMate functionality for free for a week. No in-app purchases, additional traffic fees, and more. At the same time, he has an application not only for iOS, but also for Android, macOS, Windows and browsers Chrome, Opera and Firefox. The subscription is uniform – that is, it is enough to pay for the subscription from a smartphone and you can use the application on all your devices. Payment for the service can be made both in US dollars and euros, and in rubles, and if you do not like something, the money can be returned within 30 days.

Which VPN is best to set to Android Which VPN is best to set to Android

At the moment, this is a unique application (and the service itself), which provides a 100% guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity on the Web. The service allows you to access your favorite apps without any restrictions – for example, Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime. And most importantly, you can use it both on a mobile device and on a computer.

Application: ZenMate VPN
Developer: ZenGuard GmbH
Category: Tools
Version: 4.1 or later
Price: 108 rubles per month (with 82% discount)
Link: Buy at a discount
Already interested in the application: 85 people

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