Huawei started updating smartphones 5 years ago

Buying smartphones at Android is a rather compromise step. Even if you buy a flagship device, the best thing in store for you is three years of updates, which only Samsung and OnePlus currently offer. Everyone else has even less software support terms. Xiaomi, for example, even decided to stop releasing updates for their smartphones in the first year of their presence on the market, thus pushing users to purchase a new model. Perhaps this may motivate someone to buy an actual device, but not me, and there are more and more people like me, I must say, lately. It's good that Huawei understood this.

Huawei Mate 8

Huawei unexpectedly updated 5 year old Huawei Mate 8

Huawei, which recently lost its license to update its smartphones, did the impossible this week and updated the Huawei Mate 8. This is the device that came out alongside the iPhone 6s. which means that this year he is already five years old.

Neither Huawei nor any other manufacturer has allowed themselves anything like this before and have not renewed support for their smartphones after so long. Despite the fact that so far the update is only available in China, Huawei promised that it will be released in all other countries in the near future.

Smart Charging Huawei


Huawei added a new smart charging mechanism to the Mate 8 firmware

It is significant that the update released Huawei is not a pass-through patch aimed at eliminating any bugs or vulnerabilities. This is quite a full-fledged update, which includes at least one new feature that is not available even to all new devices.

It turned out to be the Smart Charge mechanism, which allows you to adjust the charging speed depending on how long the smartphone has been connected to the power supply, in order to reduce the load on the battery and extend its life. If you leave the device charging overnight, it understands this and reduces the charging speed. As a result, charging takes 7-8 hours, and the battery reaches 100% exactly by the time it is disconnected from the outlet.

Why Huawei suddenly decided to renew the update of such an old smartphone is hard to say. On the one hand, the introduction of a mechanism that allows you to reduce the load on the battery and extend its life is a relevant step, especially for a smartphone that turns five. It can be assumed that in this way Huawei, as it were, makes the users understand that she remembers them and helps them not spend longer on replacing a worn-out battery.

Smartphone update Huawei

Fast charging

Smart charging helps to delay battery wear

But, on the other hand, isn't it more logical to start implementing the same mechanism in all new smartphones, which Huawei does not yet do in order to preserve their batteries already at the initial stage of operation? In my opinion, this would be much more effective if the goal that the Chinese company is pursuing is really to extend the life of the built-in batteries.

The only explanation I have is the decision Huawei to completely get out of Google's tutelage by following its own rules for updating smartphones. Indeed, despite the absence of an official ban on support for smartphones three years ago and older by the search giant, no other manufacturer has so far dared to continue support after three years.

However Huawei, which was recently finally kicked out of the pantheon of trusted vendors, can now do what it wants, and in my opinion, it could have shown everyone in this way, showing that without Google oversight, its users healed better. . Let for this she had to update the device, which no one uses for a long time.

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