Huawei introduced its search engine to replace Google. How to use it

Even if you don't use smartphones Huawei, chances are you know that AppGallery is the Chinese company's own app store, which it launched to replace Google Play. Despite a fairly wide range, which has grown greatly over the past year, many popular programs are still missing there due to US sanctions. Therefore, Huawei, in order not to limit its users, began to offer them to install APKs of unavailable applications. To do this, the Chinese have come up with a special service called Petal search , with which you can search for the installation files of the desired applications. But, as it turned out now, not only them.

Petal Search from Huawei

Huawei has upgraded Petal Search and expanded its search capabilities. Now it is not just a platform for finding applications, but also quite a working replacement for 'Google Search'. Chinese developers enlisted the help of and integrated the proprietary search engine of the mail service into Petal Search, allowing them to search in several directions at once: on the Internet, in social networks, by pictures, videos, news and responses. It turns out that the search coverage of Petal Search turned out to be even wider than that of Google.

How to use Petal Search

Petal Search is available at AppGallery. Therefore, if you have a smartphone Huawei or Honor, you can download it from there without any problems:

  • Launch AppGallery and search for Petal Search;

Petal Search

Petal Search is a new search engine Huawei to replace Google

  • Confirm the installation of Petal Search on your smartphone;
  • Launch Petal Search and go to the 'Search' section;

Search Huawei

Petal Search allows you to search both the Internet and social networks

  • In the search bar, type in the desired query and select the direction of the search.

Especially useful, in my opinion, are the Answers integration, where you can find answers to the stupidest and weirdest questions, and a search on social networks. As you know, the holding owns both VKontakte and Odnoklassiki. Therefore, it is not surprising that his own search, which he uses Huawei, suggests searching on these sites. True, while this function is in beta testing, but now it works quite well.

How to search for responses

Google replacement from Huawei

Petal Search even searches for ' Answers'

But, in addition to the search itself, Petal Search also offers a number of auxiliary functions such as individual news feeds, search and purchase of air tickets directly from the search bar, and in the future there will also be a section similar to Google Shopping, from where it will be possible to directly purchase certain goods. whose sellers have entered into a special agreement with the search engine. In general, Huawei did the right thing to challenge Google, because now it has much more leverage on users and ways to gain independence from the search giant.

It is obvious that Huawei implemented a search engine in Petal Search, not only and not so much in order to compete with Google, but because she feared that the search giant would simply disconnect it from its service, as has already happened with everyone the rest. Moreover, the Chinese could not afford to have their customers buying their branded smartphones search for information on an enemy search site. Therefore, it was decided to enlist the support of local search engines in different countries and roll out something competitive. In the end, it happened.

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