How to view a sticker before sending and other convenient Telegram gestures

When Telegram first appeared, few people took it seriously, except for enthusiasts and geeks. Now it has grown a lot and has become one of the best instant messengers in the world. Of course, he is still far from WhatsApp, but he has gone beyond the simple way of exchanging messages. I'm not even talking about some complex encryption systems and the behavior of Pavel Durov, who periodically says that he will not give anyone access, but then the moment comes and he gives other countries this access. Now we are not talking about this, but about the fact that Telegram has convenient, but somewhat non-obvious things that you can and should use to make your life easier and make the experience of using the service more pleasant.

How to view a sticker before sending and other convenient Telegram gestures

Telegram is deservedly popular.

Telegram control gestures

It is gestures that have now become the main governing body of many applications and the operating system as a whole. This is very logical and native. In some ways, this can be compared to swipes for scrolling, when we kind of send the interface to the side. With gestures, everything is about the same. It is necessary to close it – threw it away from itself, it is necessary to go back – grabbed it with a swipe from the edge and returned.

And swipes are also convenient because they work over the entire screen area and you don't have to hit the little buttons.

A striking example of the convenience of swipes is Telegram. With such a rich set of features included in Telegram, it's easy to miss out on some of them or forget they exist. So let's take a look at some of the more useful gestures that are hidden in Telegram and understand why we should use them.

How to read a message so that the other person does not know about it

Sometimes I want to read a message, but I don't have time to respond to it right away. At these moments I want to read the message, but so that no one knows that I did it. There are people who are offended if you read his message and do not respond within 12 seconds after that. Preferably deployed.

Telegram shows you when you've read a message, and this could potentially lead to an unpleasant situation. There is one life hack for this. Long pressing on the image next to the chat name brings up a preview allowing you to read the last few messages in full without marking them as read. If you still want to answer right away, just swipe up. This will open up a full conversation.

How to view a sticker before sending and other convenient Telegram gestures

Telegram's audience is not the same as that of WhatsApp, but it is also large.

Quickly close a chat in Telegram

To quickly close the chat and return to the list of those that you have previously conducted, there is one simple gesture that is often used in the system, be it Android or iOS. To do this, you just need to slide your finger across the screen from left to right. This will minimize the chat and you will have access to the general chat list. Everything is very simple.

How to quickly reply to a message on Telegram

This gesture is probably one of the most convenient and allows you to quickly respond to a message. You don't have to click on it, hold it, then choose “answer” and spend precious seconds of your life on it.

Just swipe left from the message and you can reply to it. The original message appears at the bottom above the typing line. In general, everything is as usual, only with a new gesture of control. So you can quickly and conveniently respond in large chats, where various topics are constantly discussed. For example, in our Telegram chat, where there is always someone and what to discuss.

How to view a Telegram sticker before sending

It has always been a challenge for me to figure out which sticker I'm going to send. Sometimes it happens that you choose the desired emoji and they throw you options for stickers, you choose a kind of good one, but when it is sent, it becomes large and animated, it turns out that it has a hidden meaning and becomes somehow uncomfortable.

There is also a gesture to solve this problem. You just need to click on one of the proposed stickers and hold your finger on it. It will open in a larger format and be animated. So you can understand whether it is worth sending it. If, without releasing your finger, move it around the screen, you can see other stickers from those that are open in thumbnails for preview. This is very convenient considering the huge number of stickers in Telegram.

How to view a sticker before sending and other convenient Telegram gestures

Telegram is pleasant, first of all, for its cor-platform.

How to record long voice messages on Telegram

In Telegram, as in other messengers, you can send voice messages. In general, I condemn this and do not understand why, when communicating with a person by voice messages, you cannot just call (especially since you can call through Telegram itself). Such communication takes twice as long and then you cannot find what you discussed in the correspondence.

I see only two situations when you can and should use voice messages. In the first case, it will be a large message that takes a long time to type and you send it at night so that the interlocutor can listen to it in the morning. In the second case, this is again a long message in the chat, when it is impossible to explain the idea in text, but you will not call each participant in the chat either. For example, we sometimes send voice sketches this way in editorial chats.

How to view a sticker before sending and other convenient Telegram gestures

It is very easy to communicate in Telegram, but not everyone uses it yet.

In order to record a message, you need to click on the microphone icon and speak like a walkie-talkie. However, if you need to record a long message, then keeping the microphone “pressed” does not make sense. Just swipe up and the recording will continue until you stop it.

Should I use Telegram

I think that using Telegram is really convenient and useful. Even due to the fact that he allegedly encrypts something there and no one has access to it. All this is nonsense and no one needs correspondence of 99.99999 percent of users who simply flatter themselves, exaggerating their importance.

Telegram should be used only because it is convenient, and everything else is just add-ons. The most pleasant convenience for me personally is the ability to work on multiple devices at the same time and the ability to send files without compression. And also those control gestures that I wrote about in this article.

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