How to share Wi-Fi password via QR code

When you come to some place, you ask what is the password for Wi-Fi. This is especially true when we find ourselves abroad, where there is no unlimited mobile traffic, to which we are all so accustomed. The same situation occurs if someone comes to visit us and asks for the password from the home Wi-Fi network. There is a very simple way to share even the longest password without having to write it on a piece of paper, enter it on a guest's smartphone or dictate it in the format “es as a dollar and with a period, ve like a tick …”. The creators Android have taken care of us for a long time and made it so that we feel comfortable. Only now they forgot to tell us about it. But I'll fill that gap and tell them everything for them.

How to share Wi-Fi password via QR code

Scanning a QR code is very easy.

How to share a password via a QR code

The easiest way to share anything right now is through a QR code. Many countries even build their economies around it. For example, I talked about how in China a lot is tied to these small squares. It turns out that they can carry a lot of information, unlike the barcodes that we used before. Now they are only relevant for encrypting a small amount of information. For example, the SKU of a product in a supermarket. After all, the cashier receives the article by chanting these stripes before punching the goods.

To share your Wi-Fi password to Android, just go to the network settings, select the network to which you are connected and click on it. After that, you will see a QR code on the screen with the data required to connect to this particular network. This method works on smartphones Huawei, Honor and many others. However, sometimes the algorithm will be slightly different.

How to share Wi-Fi password via QR code

This is how you can share Wi-Fi via QR.

For example, on Google Pixel 2XL with Android 10, the QR code does not appear immediately. Instead, an additional menu opens in which you need to click share. Only after that a QR code will appear on the screen, which must be scanned.

How to share Wi-Fi password via QR code

This is how the transfer process looks on Google Pixel.

Code scanning is possible both from Android – smartphone and from iPhone. At the same time, iOS already from the 11th version (from 2017) allows you to scan QR codes through the standard camera application. You just need to start the camera and point it at the cherished square. A curtain will pop up at the top of the screen, by clicking on which you can go to the page or accept a connection request.

How to share Wi-Fi password via QR code

This is how the exchange looks like for iPhone.

How to scan a QR code using your phone

Unlike modern devices Apple, the ability to scan a QR code out of the box is not available in all smartphones on Android. Someone gives the user a scanner in the form of a pre-installed application, and someone in the form of advanced camera capabilities. But very often the QR scanning app needs to be downloaded separately.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is through Google Play. You just need to enter “QR scanner” in the search and select any of the proposed ones. For example, this one or any other that you like.

Some scanners allow you to save scan history or have additional features, such as the ability to create your own codes or scan product codes in stores.

How to share a password on iOS

Since we're already talking about how you can share your password, let's tell you how you can do it on iOS.

The device infrastructure Apple has some very handy features. One of them is the ability to easily share a password from a Wi-Fi network. To do this, you need to have a connection to an access point on iPhone or iPad.

If someone comes to you who has not connected to this network, you just need to unlock your smartphone, and the guest select your network and start connecting to it. As soon as he touches her name in the list, you will be prompted to share the password. Sometimes this message can appear within 4-5 seconds, but usually it happens immediately.

How to share Wi-Fi password via QR code

You can share the password starting with iOS 11

In a couple of seconds, the guest will be connected to your network and can use it.

Is it dangerous to use QR codes

There is only one danger in using QR codes. I don't advise you to scan everything if you don't have confidence in it. For example, a code on the air of a major TV channel or on a movie theater poster will be safe and is usually for informational purposes only. That is, you will be taken to a website page or app store for download.

QR codes in leaflets on poles or bus stops can lead to malicious sites or even try to install some kind of software on your smartphone. Such codes are best avoided.

If you use QR codes carefully, it will be an undeniable boon. It is very convenient and simple. It is not for nothing that very large payment systems are built on them in China. That is, in the store, it is enough to scan the code and the payment will take place. The Chinese know what they are doing.

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