9 best relaxing games for Android

We have already talked about fast, detective, beautiful and other types of games for Android. Today it's time to relax and in our selection there will be only calm games to enjoy beautiful graphics and gameplay. In some ways they are exciting, but they did not succeed in throwing off emotions, as, for example, in Call Of Duty. So just tune in to the appropriate weekend mood, pour yourself some warm cocoa or cold lemonade depending on your weather and enjoy the gameplay. After all, video games are needed in order to relax.

9 best relaxing games for Android

Sometimes you just want to relax. Even playing games on your smartphone.

Quiet games for Android

The advantage of the games in this collection is that most of them do not imply insane dynamics and any time limits. You will just play them and enjoy the process. In some cases, games include a separate relaxation mode to do whatever you want. In any case, almost everyone will find something that interests him in the collection.

Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure are almost ordinary runners

In these games, players have to go down the mountain. There is no classic runner nerve here. Everything is relaxed and you even have time to enjoy the beautiful nature. You only need to avoid obstacles and collect various items. The games feature beautiful, minimalistic graphics and smooth gameplay.

Even if the main plot seems too dynamic for you, there is a special Zen mode for you that will allow you to ride for fun. There will be no obstacles, no need to collect items.

Download Alto's Odyssey
Download Alto's Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure – also ski

Grand Mountain Adventure is another relaxing ski game. Unlike the previous ones, it will not have 2D, but 3D graphics. In addition to the graphics, the game will also be very smooth and enjoyable.

The game has goals and objectives, but you can ride without them, just enjoying the process. Of course, if it pulls you in. There is no time or energy limit. The game also includes controller support, a stunt system, and several different slopes. Some of them are free, but you will have to pay for the rest.

Download Grand Mountain Adventure

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too – Shade Game

These games have a really relaxing gameplay. In the first game, you mix colors to create a complete color palette. It contains 900 levels and none of them has time limits or anything like that.

The second game adds a geometric aspect and some other challenges. They both look very premium and don't worry about in-app purchases. You can just play and have fun.

Download I Love Hue
Download I Love Hue Too

Minecraft – the same Minecraft

Minecraft is an unusual game. There are two modes, and to be honest, neither is stressful in the least. The first is creative mode where you can do whatever you want with no restrictions. The second mode is survival mode.

You might think survival mode would be stressful, but once you find food and build your first shelter, everything will be very easy and peaceful. There are tons of different ways to pass your time in the game. You can mine, craft, build, or seek adventures as much as you like. Plus, the multiplayer aspect allows you to play with your friends.

Download Minecraft

Monument Valley – classic in two parts

Monument Valley is the most iconic puzzle game for smartphones. Someone will say that her time has passed, but she still remains in the top and plays very well. It uses puzzles and nice graphics to keep the player entertained.

You will need to move through the levels, introducing distortions into them. There is no scoring system or time limit – you can take your time and just play. Both games are paid, but overall they are the same. There will be no such thing that you will not guess with a part. It's nice to play both of them.

Download Monument Valley
Download Monument Valley 2

My Oasis Season 2 – a game with a focus on relaxation

My Oasis Season 2 does not require any difficult passage from you. Its main purpose is simply relaxation. You will build islands from scratch. It will be necessary to create it and build it up with structures, trees, flowers and even animals.

In addition to pleasant gameplay, the game is not deprived of an excellent soundtrack. It seems that the developers are very confused about this and have worked out the audio component in detail.

Download My Oasis Season 2

Prune is a farmer, but not a “Farm”

Prune is one of the classic relaxation games for Android. You mainly grow and care for the tree until it grows. You start with a small seedling, then you swipe across the screen and ensure the growth of the plant.

The game ends when you reach light and the plant begins to bloom. The game has 48 levels, a calm soundtrack and simple but beautiful graphics. In general, sometimes you have to work at speed, but you can go through the levels as many times as you like.

Download Prune

Shadowmatic – almost a shadow theater

Shadowmatic is a nifty puzzle game. It is best played on the big screen, but this is not critical. You will need to move the shapes to get the correct shadow as a result. It may be a shadow of something, but definitely not an abstract spot.

You can rotate the figures in any direction, but the main thing is to achieve the result. The game includes over 100 levels, amazingly good graphics and a system of hints if something gets out of hand. You can play both for free and for money. Then decide for yourself.

Download Shadowmatic

Stardew Valley – Help Residents

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator and probably the best. Players find themselves on a dilapidated farm, and they must return it to working condition. There are also many other things to do, such as getting married, fishing and completing tasks for the residents of the nearby village.

So you get something like a life simulator. The whole game is very relaxing, because there is no rush in it and you will not have to do something for a while. The game is paid, but it gives you up to 50 hours of playing time, which is a lot.

Download Stardew Valley

Zenge – puzzle with objects

Zenge is another atmospheric puzzle game that keeps you calm. It has no points, no statistics, no unnecessary hints, no textbooks, no move counter, or any other distractions. You just go and play.

This is a pretty classic puzzle game. Players start the level with a bunch of different shapes, and it will be necessary to “clean up”. The game also has a very cool soundtrack and despite the fact that it is paid, its price is not very high. At the time of this writing, it was distributed at all with a 50% discount.

Download Zenge

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