Google will officially allow recording phone calls to Android

On Android it has never been a problem to record a telephone conversation. To do this, on Google Play, there are a lot of all kinds of applications for every taste and wallet. However, at some point, Google decided that the use of such software could violate the privacy of those users who are being recorded without their knowledge, and built in Android 9 Pie a mechanism that blocks the ability to write. Therefore, those who valued this function could only get root rights, which, of course, made many users very angry. As a result, the search giant abandoned this venture, and now decided to build the recording function into the branded application.

Google will officially allow recording phone calls to Android

Recording phone calls has always been a stumbling block for Google

Google is testing the function of recording phone calls in the Phone app. This is evidenced by the contents of the utility's APK file, in which the corresponding toolkit was found. It turns out that Google not only abandoned the idea of ​​banning call recording, but also decided to contribute to the spread of such an opportunity. After all, you never know when and under what circumstances a recording of a phone call can be useful, which can sometimes serve as evidence in the investigation of crimes.

Recording telephone conversations to Android

Google will officially allow recording phone calls to Android

Judging by the content of the beta version of the 'Phone', the conversation can be recorded using a special button that will appear in the application interface. This means that the function will not be hidden, as is often the case with innovations in Google Chrome, targeting a wide range of users. Another thing is that there are no guarantees that Google will complete this project and embed the recording function in the final version of the application. In the end, while it is simply mentioned in the program code, which does not prevent developers from simply turning it off.

But even if Google decides to launch the function of recording telephone conversations, it could face problems from the authorities. The fact is that hidden audio recording is recognized by the legislation of different countries as espionage or an encroachment on the personal safety of the recorded person, implying criminal punishment for violators. Therefore, it is possible that Google may be obliged, if not to delete the innovation in principle, then at least start informing those who are recorded with the help of an appropriate signal.

Many do not remember anymore, but before Android Marshmallow, the operating system had a standard toolkit that ensured the operation of applications for recording telephone conversations. However, with the release of the update, Google removed the API, forcing developers to create their own solution that would allow them to make up for the lost functionality. As a result, the replacement turned out to be even better than the original, and users forgot about the restrictions imposed by the search giant for several more years.

Can't Win – Lead

Why did Google suddenly decide to abandon locks and add a built-in call recording tool to Phone? Most likely, this is not a matter of the company's changed principles, but of its desire to lead something that cannot be won. After all, if it implements recording taking into account all security requirements, then it will no longer be an underground function, for the sake of which users have to go to all sorts of tricks, hacking their smartphones and thereby depriving them of the right to warranty service.

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