Google invited to online presentation Android 11

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed the way of life of the entire population of the earth. But if most of us just settled down at home, then corporations had a hard time. After all, not only did sales slip for many of them, but they were also forced to urgently make adjustments to the plans already outlined. As a result, almost all public events were canceled, some of which were transferred online, and some were decided not to be held at all. The latter included the Google I / O 2020 conference, within the framework of which the presentation Android 11 was to take place. However, as it turned out, the release will not do without announcements at all.

Google invited to online presentation Android 11

Android 11 will be presented on June 3, but the update will be released a little later

Presentation Android 11 will be held on June 3 in online format. A developer conference, like that of Apple, Google will not hold either offline or online, but you are always welcome to talk about the features of the upcoming update. Google will broadcast the event on its official YouTube channel, so everyone can join. For this, it is planned, as always, to equip the stage and invite the heads of all departments who participated in the development of the update. In a word, for those who have always watched online presentations, nothing will fundamentally change.

Beta Android 11

Immediately after the presentation, Google plans to launch an open beta testing program Android 11. Unlike the Developer Preview Program, which is currently underway, not only the owners of Google Pixel smartphones can join it, but everyone else. In the past, users of Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus, Huawei and many other brands could become participants in the public beta test. The main condition for this will be the participation of the manufacturer himself in the beta testing program, since this will require the timely adaptation of test assemblies.

Android 11 promises to be one of the largest in terms of functional content of the operating system updates. Here are just some of them:

  • Scoped Storage;
  • Hot access to Google Pay cards on the lock screen;
  • Notification history;
  • Project Mainline.

Of course, I am most attracted to Scoped Storage and Project Mainline.

What's new in Android 11

Google invited to online presentation Android 11

Android 11 includes quite a few valuable innovations

Scoped Storage allows you to divide all the memory of a smartphone into many independent dynamic cells. Their dynamism lies in the ability to expand as much as necessary, since these cells are intended for installed applications. This is necessary so that one program does not claim the data of another, and they do not overlap, due to which it will be possible to ensure the privacy of users. Initially, Scoped Storage was planned to be launched a year ago, with the release of Android 10, but the developers sounded the alarm and said that they did not have time to adapt their applications accordingly, and Google postponed the innovation for not a whole year.

Project Mainline is a modular architecture that allows you to separate Android into several components in a special way, extracting from the main operating system a piece of code that is responsible for operating system security. This allocation will allow Google to rethink software support for compatible smartphones, as it will be able to distribute monthly security updates through Google Play. As a result, they will reach users as soon as possible, since they will not require optimization by the manufacturer.

When will Android 11 come out

Google invited to online presentation Android 11

Android 11 is scheduled to be released in September, but it is possible that the release will be postponed

But the release dates of Android 11 itself are still unknown. It is obvious that this year Google will not delay the launch of the update, planning it in September, but given the difficulties faced by many corporations, it is possible that the release will be delayed. The fact is that it is difficult for developers to develop innovations, test them and improve them at home, without being able to directly interact with colleagues. So I wouldn't be surprised if Android 11 doesn't come out in September, but closer to November.

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