Google has problems sending updates Android for Pixel smartphones

Why do users love Google Pixel smartphones so much? Obviously not for the speed and functionality, which the devices made by Google are clearly lacking, if you directly compare them with the solutions of competitors. The design of 'pixels', even the most expensive ones, as a rule, also turns out to be frankly an amateur. This means that only updates remain. It is for them that millions of users are ready to pay big money, hoping that this is how they buy themselves a place in the sun and a guarantee of the timely release of all fresh updates. But, as it turned out, this is not entirely true.

Google has problems sending updates Android for Pixel smartphones

Google broke the mechanism for distributing updates to smartphones Google Pixel

Lately, Google has been strangely distributing fresh security patches that Pixel smartphones used to receive in the first week of every month and now have to wait for months. The owners of smartphones themselves told about this. According to many of them, the update was released in December with a long delay, and the January update has not yet been released. At the same time, some of the users still received the update, which is quite strange, given that usually Google does not make any exceptions for residents of different countries, releasing monthly updates just in time for everyone at once.

Why Google Pixel is not updated

Google has problems sending updates Android for Pixel smartphones

However, only Google knows why Google Pixel is not getting updates.

But not only did Google take the fashion to release updates with a delay, it also broke the system mechanism for finding fresh assemblies. In any case, users of some Google Pixel models complained that the corresponding button is not highlighted, remaining inactive and preventing access to them from the company's servers. With what exactly this is connected, it is difficult to say, especially since the problem manifests itself selectively and, apparently, does not depend at all on the device model.

'My Google Pixel 3a XL's Settings clearly states that the last update that was intended for it dates from December 5, 2019. I thought that I could request an update manually, but the button that is responsible for the forced search for the latest versions of the operating system turned out to be inactive. It simply does not illuminate, but remains faded and does not respond to pressing. I don’t know what this could be, '' wrote one of the users.

Search for updates Android

It turns out that Google is to blame for the way updates are distributed Android. After all, who else is to blame for the fact that its branded smartphones do not receive fresh security patches, or receive them, but with a long delay. But the rest of the manufacturers, apparently, have no problems with this. The same Samsung has recently been setting records. It doesn't just release updates ahead of Google, but makes all new patches available a few days before the month in which they apply.

What exactly happened to Google and why it is so irresponsible about the distribution of updates, for which its smartphones, in fact, are bought, is not clear. Of course, the whole point may be in some kind of failure that occurred on the company's servers, but usually such problems are fixed, if not on the first day, then at least in the first week, and here, as we can see, there were no fixes for more than a month. This means that the flaw is much more complex, since it took Google so long.

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