Google has officially released the first beta version Android 11. How to download

The release of fresh updates Android is always an event. Even when Google just releases another security patch, users are already worried. Needless to say about the new version of the operating system, which is released only once a year. As a rule, we already know in advance all the innovations, the release date, and even the approximate release dates of test assemblies. But not in the case of Android 11, the presentation of which was first postponed for a whole month, and then completely canceled due to the unfavorable situation in the United States, postponing the launch of the beta testing program until better times. Greetings to you in better times.

Google has officially released the first beta version Android 11. How to download

Beta Android 11 is out now, but not for everyone

Google launched the beta program Android 11 tonight, introducing the first test version. From a functional point of view, it is not much different from Android 11 Developer Preview 4, which was released two months earlier. The key difference between Android 11 Developer Preview and Android 11 Beta is availability. If the first was intended exclusively for developers, as evidenced by the name of the assembly, then the second is aimed at participants in the open beta test, to which any owner of Google Pixel smartphones can join.

How to install beta Android 11

Google has officially released the first beta version Android 11. How to download

Only Google Pixel owners can sign up for beta testing

  • Go to the registration page for the beta testing program;
  • Log in with your Google account to which your 'pixel' is linked;
  • Find a device that qualifies for the beta testing program (Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 3/3 XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL, Pixel 4/4 XL);
  • Confirm registration in the program;
  • Go to 'Settings' on your smartphone and open the section with software updates;
  • Search for updates and install the latest beta build.

Frankly, I have never been particularly impressed with new versions Android. Most of the innovations that they proposed looked either inappropriate or turned out to be too confusing from the point of view of implementation, because of which there was no desire to use them. However Android 11 is not one of those. Obviously, Google realized that it was doing the wrong thing, and in developing this version of the operating system has refocused on making it easier to use compatible devices and system functions, while not forgetting about security.

What's new in Android 11

Google has officially released the first beta version Android 11. How to download

Android 11 promises to be the most iconic update in recent years

  • Google has divided incoming notifications into two categories. The first includes dialogs that are located at the top of the curtain, and the second includes application notifications that are located at the bottom. This is logical, because for us it is much more important to respond to an incoming notification than to see a mark about a like on a social network.
  • Android 11 has a special bubble mechanism for each messenger. Bubbles are buttons for switching between interlocutors, so you can quickly switch between them, without having to look for the desired chat in the application itself.
  • A special widget for controlling playback will be available in the notification curtain. With its help, it will be possible to turn on, pause, rewind and perform other manipulations with the content being played without opening the application.
  • The system will have a special section with a history of all incoming notifications. There you can view all the messages that were sent to you, but were accidentally closed.
  • Users will have the opportunity to hot-call the Google Pay menu, where they can select a payment card immediately before paying. It's strange that there was no such function before.
  • The Scoped Storage mechanism will divide the memory into several independent cells according to the number of installed applications. Thus, it will be possible to prevent them from claiming each other's data for security purposes.
  • Well, and, perhaps, the icing on the cake can be safely called the modular Project Mainline architecture, which separates the security mechanisms from the main OS. Thanks to her, Google plans to start distributing security updates through Google Play, bypassing the manufacturers themselves.

Since the beta testing program is public, third-party smartphone manufacturers will soon start joining it. This delay is due to the fact that the developers have to adapt the firmware for their devices, bringing it in line with the innovations Android 11. True, how many brands will agree to participate in the beta testing program has not yet been reported. But, as a rule, these are Samsung, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo. The latter, by the way, has already announced its readiness to release beta Android 11 for its smartphones.

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