Google developers told what will be new in Android 12

I don’t know how it happened, but for some reason leaks about upcoming updates Apple have always attracted more interest than anything related to Android. Even the slightest innovation iOS 14 like the QR payment function invariably provoked a lively audience reaction. Apparently, the fan addictions of long-term fans Apple affected, while Android had such, if any, it was clearly in smaller numbers. Another thing is that we simply could not but tell about possible innovations Android 12, which were announced by the members of the development team.

Google developers told what will be new in Android 12

Android 12 will only be released in a year, but we already know a thing or two about it

Screenshot of the entire page at Android

There were many rumors surrounding this feature. At first, one of the developers said that it was impossible to implement it in pure Android. After users raised a flurry of criticism, someone older came up with an official refutation of this statement, stressing that work on the function of creating scrolling screenshots is still underway, and it should be expected in one of the next updates. True, it did not appear in Android 10 or in Android 11.

Google developers told what will be new in Android 12

Scrolling screenshots in stock Android will appear only after a year

Whether it is Android 12. Users of the Reddit portal, who introduced themselves as members of the development team Android, reported that next year the scrolling screenshots will definitely appear in the stock version of the operating system. What is the reason for this delay, they did not say. But, given the simplicity of the mechanism implementation, it can be assumed that the developers were not corny before this, since they were focused on the implementation of other, more significant innovations.

Backups to Android

Android has always had a rather poorly implemented backup tool. This is probably why Google, unlike Apple, never specifically encouraged users to create backups. Not to say that users Android were somehow especially annoyed, since Google Play has always had a lot of applications for pulling data from an old smartphone and then saving a new one in memory. But how to get back the content that was lost during flashing or updating?

Google developers told what will be new in Android 12

Finally, normal backups will appear on Android

In Android 12, Google developers planned to upgrade the backup tool and make it, firstly, more passive, that is, it works without user intervention, and, secondly, to expand the range of data that is stored in the cloud, as well as facilitate the recovery of copies. This will be a big event for users Android, who can be a little more relaxed about the data from the memory of their smartphones.

Applications are unloaded to Android

Just the other day, I wrote that the standard mechanisms of third-party firmware based on Android are too strict about applications that run in the background. Despite the fact that Android has long had a Doze tool that puts programs to sleep and thereby limits their resource consumption, manufacturers do not pay any attention to it and make their own mechanisms. As a result, this leads to the fact that applications are simply unloaded from memory, and users are unable to receive notifications.

Google developers told what will be new in Android 12

Unloading applications? Android 12 will fix everything

In Android 12 it is planned to build a special mechanism to restrict the operation of third-party application control tools. That is, OxygenOS, One UI and other firmware will not be able to unload software from the multitasking menu at their discretion. This will avoid many problems, given that all applications that go to Google Play are initially adapted to work with the Doze mechanism, which does not unload them and does not interfere with their work.

Launcher for Android crashes

Despite the fact that users Android seem to have always been fans of flashing, our research has shown that this practice is alien to most of them. The maximum that users decide on is the installation of third-party launchers. Another thing is that the uncracked Android somehow very much limited their capabilities and at every opportunity strove to disable and return the original shell. In Android 12 this will no longer be.

Google developers told what will be new in Android 12

Android will be more loyal to third-party launchers

First, it is planned to rework the gesture system so that it does not conflict with gestures from third-party launchers and shells. One of the problems was and is the back gesture, which had to be performed in a special way so as not to accidentally provoke a call to the context menu. Secondly, system mechanisms will no longer block and disable third-party launchers, allowing them to work in state mode and perform all the tasks users need.

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