Expensive Korg music app now completely free due to coronavirus

Music equipment company Korg has made its own Korg Koassilator app for Android completely free due to the spread of the coronavirus. Probably, the company thus decided to somehow entertain people who are in quarantine at home. Let's start with the fact that the application without a discount is priced in Russia at 1290 rubles, so even for reasons of profit, you can download this application and simply not use it. For many, the very fact of saving will be pleasant. However, if you are not indifferent to music, then the application will be pleasant and useful. Besides Korg, the guys at Moog also decided to make their Minimoog Model D synthesizer for iOS completely free. If among our readers there are owners of iOS – devices, you can follow this link to download the application. Why do we need a Korg Koassilator and Minimoog Model D? Let's figure it out.

Expensive Korg music app now completely free due to coronavirus

The coronavirus has made Korg's music app completely free. Well, at least some benefit

Of course, musicians love more iOS when it comes to creating music content, after all, GarageBand does its job, but Android is not so bad either. In addition, we have previously collected the best music creation apps at Android. Minimoog Model D and Korg Koassilator are synthesizers that help you create your own musical compositions. iOS has GarageBand, so there probably isn't much use for the Minimoog Model. But the owners of Android – Korg Koassilator devices may like it, because Google does not offer its own music applications by analogy with how it does Apple, so we will dwell on the version from Korg in more detail.

What is a coassilator?

Let's start in order to understand its capabilities. First you need to understand why you need a Koassilator at all? This is a mix of synthesizer, recorder and tablet computer. You can study the coassilator in detail in the video below:

As you can see, this is a great live performance tool. It offers the user a small touchpad on which the tempo and key of the sound can be selected with a finger. But it's even cooler when this tool is available to users on smartphones and tablets based on Android. We connect the phone to good speakers, and now, being at home in quarantine and closing our eyes, we imagine giving a concert in Bucharest in the open air and millions are watching us. I don't know why exactly Bucharest, it just sounds cool.

Now a few words about functions. In the official Korg video, you can explore the interface of the application and its main features:

We have 5 tracks available, on each track we can select an instrument, set the key and tempo for each sound. Swiping up the track in the form of a small button of a certain color activates the 'solo' mode, and a swipe down mutes the sound. Clicking on the 3 dots to the left or on the 'hamburger' in the top menu will open a menu with a selection of ready-made standard projects that you can take as the basis of your beat or mix – call it what you want.

Expensive Korg music app now completely free due to coronavirus Expensive Korg music app now completely free due to coronavirus

The application allows you to activate live recording of the track in the settings, block the tempo, remove the panel animation. This is where all the main features of the Korg Koassiliator end. This is an extremely simple application and will really be a great assistant for those who often give live concerts and do not want to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive real coassilator. In the case of the current situation, Korg is rather trying to simply entertain people already agitated by the spread of the virus.

FL Studio Mobile as an alternative to Korg Koassilator

A good option for those who want to get something more from a smartphone can be the FL Studio Mobile application – this is the mobile version of the most popular program for Windows in the matter of creating musical compositions, however, it is estimated at 399 rubles, which however, not so much compared to the price of the app from Korg.

It is interesting to know what kind of music applications our readers are using. Share your opinion in the comments to this publication and do not forget to read our news in the Telegram chat.

Application: KORG Kaossilator for Android
Developer: KORG INC.Music
Category: Music & Audio
Version: 1.0.7
Price: Free (was 1290 rubles)
Download: Google Play

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