Difference Windows Mobile from Android

Android vs Windows Mobile

The situation in the world is such that when buying a phone, people prefer gadgets with some kind of operating system, rather than simple push-button phones. Today there are such mobile operating systems: Android from Google, Windows Phone and the still existing Windows Mobile from Microsoft. I bring to your attention a comparison of the OS from Google and the younger mobile system from Microsoft, and I will tell you about the main differences between these two systems, for those users who doubt whether it is worth migrating to Android phones that are popular today.

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OS Android from Google

Performance – the operating speed of this OS grows with each next release, because the creators of this OS remove all unnecessary details that can load the processor.

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Processor with OS Android Performance – the operating speed of this OS grows with each next release, because the creators of this OS remove all unnecessary details that can load the processor.

Android is an open source OS that has virtually no limitations. All this provides tremendous opportunities in the development of games and programs. There are no problems with the availability of programs, so every day a new high-quality and free software appears in the store, which can also be downloaded and installed from alternative sources.

This system works almost without errors, it can be classified as one of the most stable among the existing ones, so many people appreciate it for this.

Also, this system has a very convenient and pleasant user interface, it has many flexible settings that will allow you to work with the device the way the user wants.

User interface in Android

The advantage of this system is that its native browser is considered one of the fastest in the world. And Internet Explorer in Windows Mobile doesn't even need to be compared because it is much slower. Another plus in Android is that there is support for Flash.

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There are some drawbacks in the Android market. There you can find applications that, when installed on a device, have access to device user data. Because of this, people are afraid to switch to this platform, for fear of losing their data by downloading an application made by scammers.

Dynamics of threat evolution in the OS Android

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Which is better Android or Windows: Video

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Now let's look at the pluses of the operating system Windows.

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This system has good old software such as Exel, Outlook, World and others, with the same functionality and capabilities.

Office Mobile

There are absolutely no problems in synchronization with programs, which cannot be said about android. Ease of programming, wide functionality and multitasking.

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Windows Mobile is almost no different from its predecessors. And even today this system is, so to speak, outdated.

The standard keyboard is not the most comfortable, and the browser is slow compared to Android.

Keyboard in Windows Mobile

The interface is not fully optimized, and it is not made entirely for fingers, in many cases it is very inconvenient without a stylus.

Interface Windows Mobile

You were presented with the main strengths and weaknesses of both systems, and which is better Android or Windows mobile is left to decide for everyone.

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