Google has boldly hinted how much will cost Pixel 4a and Pixel 5

You can endlessly look at fire, at water and argue about a novelty that has not yet been released. New smartphones, especially the iconic ones like the Google Pixel, attract a lot of interest and always give a reason to talk about themselves. Especially often this reason is thrown up by Google itself, when it becomes known about personnel changes in the team of creators or some other information appears. Now we have a very bold hint of how much the new smartphones released under the brand of the Internet giant will cost. On the one hand, the price is pleasantly surprising, and on the other, it indirectly confirms some other rumors that relate to a further change in the company's philosophy.

Google has boldly hinted how much will cost Pixel 4a and Pixel 5

Would you like a Google Pixel 5 with this design?

There is very little time left before the launch of the first Google Pixel smartphone this year. The bill is already running for a maximum of weeks. Although previously there was information that the devices had already arrived in stores, it turned out to be not entirely accurate. On the other hand, who knows how the sales plans might have changed. They could be delayed or simply withdrawn smartphones in order to fix a critical error found in them. Nobody wants to go the way of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It's just a textbook case of how you can fail, releasing a device on the brink of its capabilities, and even in a hurry.

Now we have information about the price of a new item, which is more like the truth than ever before. At the same time, the information applies not only to the Pixel 4a, which we are expecting very soon, but also to the Google Pixel 5, which is still several months before its release.

A user on Reddit received a Google survey about phone pricing. You can see the image below that asks the user to choose between the two Pixel phones and give them basic descriptions of each.

Google has boldly hinted how much will cost Pixel 4a and Pixel 5

The same mailing list.

The first phone (left) almost certainly refers to the price and basic description of the Google Pixel 4a. The phone is expected to have a plastic casing, 3.5mm headphone jack and a sub-$ 400 price tag. However, $ 349 is an even lower price than we originally expected for this device. Perhaps this is ingrained for many due to the fact that the Google Pixel 3a was priced at $ 399 when it was released. That is, it turns out that this year the “a-version” will cost $ 50 cheaper. The company may have revised its pricing policy after the release iPhone of the second generation SE, which costs exactly that same $ 399. This will make it much easier to compete. Especially if you offer some other competitive advantages.

If the phone on the left offers a Google Pixel 4a price and other features, the phone on the right almost certainly belongs to the upcoming Google Pixel 5. Interestingly, the survey regarding this device offers a price starting at $ 699. That's a hundred dollars less than what was asked last year for the Google Pixel 4 and a year earlier for the Google Pixel 3.

Google has boldly hinted how much will cost Pixel 4a and Pixel 5

Maybe it will even be good.

An interesting point is that these rumors indirectly confirm the information that was leaked before. According to her, the new Google Pixel will no longer run on a top processor. Now, according to the rumors that we have just partially confirmed, the novelty will receive a Snapdragon 76 processor 5G instead of the Snapdragon 865 or even 865+.

This decision is logical from the point of view of reducing the cost of a smartphone. If it is cheaper to produce, then it can be sold cheaper. In the context of the recession in the global economy and the decline in smartphone sales by 17 percent, which I already talked about, this step looks very logical. Moreover, the performance of Snapdragon 76 5G should still be enough for almost all users.

An additional benefit of such a solution is that this processor, in contrast to the 865th, has a built-in 5G modem. That is, the entire structure will take up much less space in the case. This will make it easier to place all the components and you can slightly increase the size of the battery. Perhaps this will solve chronic problems with autonomy.

Google has boldly hinted how much will cost Pixel 4a and Pixel 5

This is how the Google Pixel 4a will be sold.

Someone might say that this way the smartphone will cease to be a flagship. Well, let. Who needs them now, when 1000+ dollars are asked for them, and they work only slightly better than what costs 700-800 dollars. But this way Google can stop trying to jump over its head and become a trendsetter in a segment that can be called sub-premium.

This begs the question: where did this information and this survey come from? Is Google trying to measure user interest in these phones in general? Are you trying to determine which device is more popular with those surveyed? This looks like a weird way to get information.

Perhaps this is how the company tries to remind of itself and once again spur interest in new products. Even so, new smartphones are no less interesting from this. Especially at the price we are promised. There is also a question – whether to buy OnePlus 8 now or wait for Google Pixel 5 – disappears, and some users may have less desire to buy iPhone SE.

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