Before Launcher review – minimalistic launcher for Android

Many people are already tired of the standard launchers of modern smartphones. Moreover, they are too overwhelmed and lead to obvious addiction. I began to notice that I can no longer spend even 10 minutes without a gadget in my hands, and the shell interfaces play a significant role in this. Before Launcher should fix the situation, because it offers a minimalistic interface that limits the user from unnecessary content.

Before Launcher  review - minimalistic launcher for Android

Before Launcher surprises with its simple and convenient

By unnecessary content, I also mean notifications that distract the user from work. How to deal with this? Earlier, Google introduced the Digital Wellbeing feature, which corrects the situation with dependence on specific applications, but does not affect the interaction directly with the phone interface. We may not use applications, but at the same time enjoy the wallpaper on the desktop. And this addiction has become the norm for many smartphone users.

Before Launcher  review - minimalistic launcher for Android Before Launcher  review - minimalistic launcher for Android

Before Laucnher offers a minimalistic interface divided into three areas. The central screen displays up to 8 main applications, if you swipe to the right, a window with important notifications opens, and a swipe to the left displays a list of all applications. Let's take a look at each section separately.

As mentioned above, you can add up to 8 applications to the main screen, they are displayed not in the form of icons, but in the form of inscriptions so as not to distract the user and not to provoke him. Various colors, different from black and white, provoke the user, so this decision looks correct and logical.

The plus button at the bottom opens a menu with applications, next to each is a circle, clicking on which the selected application will appear on the main screen and become the main one. You can also change the order of applications on the main screen, just drag the area with the application name and the drag-n-drop function is activated.

Now let's move on to notifications. They are located in the left section. When you first open it, the launcher offers to configure important applications, it is their notifications that will notify the user with sound and vibration, all the rest will only appear in this area and will not notify the user in any way. This is done in order not to distract a person from important matters with unnecessary sounds. However, for some reason, on my Xiaomi notifications do not work at all.

Before Launcher  review - minimalistic launcher for Android Before Launcher  review - minimalistic launcher for Android

The menu with a list of all applications is located on the rightmost screen and displays recently used applications in a separate list at the top. There is a search button at the bottom.

In the launcher settings, you can go to system settings, activate filtering notifications, enable the Do Not Disturb function, from here you can also select applications whose notifications will not be filtered. In the settings, you can also choose a background color, activate Incognito mode, clear application history, set a standard launcher. You don't need anything more.

These are, perhaps, all the features of this launcher. They're small, but that's the beauty of Before Launcher. Owners of phones with AMOLED – screens can activate a black background, in this case the battery consumption will be minimal, because the interface itself is minimalistic, and nothing is displayed here except the text. In addition, I want to note that the application practically does not consume RAM. At least I didn't notice the expense.

Have you tried the minimalistic launcher yet? Share your opinion in the comments and in our Telegram chat. The launcher seemed to me to be optimal in terms of getting the minimum capabilities from the phone. You will not be distracted by unnecessary notifications, you will not be disturbed by a colorful interface and juicy application icons. Everything is done in order to reduce dependence on a smartphone, and in my opinion, the application does an excellent job with this.

Application: Minimalist launcher for focus | Before Launcher
Developer: Before Labs
Category: Personalization
Version: 2.6.7
Price: Free
Link: Download
Already interested in the application: 431 people

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