Android 11 will send data to Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS

Despite the fact that this year Google decided not to hold any events dedicated to Android 11, through the efforts of testers and developers, we already know about almost all the innovations of the update. Among them, there are quite a few functions that were found in one form or another in iOS, and this is very striking. Because of this, you may even get the impression that Google has decided, without further ado, just lick everything off Apple. After all, the same technology for transferring data over short distances Nearby Sharing is a direct copy of AirDrop. It even works on the same principle. But, as it turned out, Google decided to go beyond its competitor.

Android 11 will send data to Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS

Android learn to exchange files with computers

Transfer files from Android to laptop

Android 11 will send data to Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS

Nearby Sharing is like AirDrop, only better

Nearby Sharing will be able to work not only with devices on Android, but also on macOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Relevant references were found in the program code Chrome OS, for which Google is already adapting a new data transfer technology. Moreover, it is obvious that the optimization process is at the final stage, because users with developer rights can already activate it. However, due to the fact that Nearby Sharing is still inactive on Android, unfortunately, data transfer will not work yet.

It is noteworthy that Google plans to unite not only its own platforms, but also those of others using Nearby Sharing. MacOS looks especially unusual on this list, which Apple has always carefully guarded against outside intrusion and severely limited independent developers in their efforts to expand the capabilities of their operating system. So it will be interesting to see how Google manages to bring Nearby Sharing support to the Mac. Perhaps the company will simply come to an agreement with Apple, especially since they already have experience of joint work on software products. Or, it is possible that the technology is simply implemented in an application that macOS users will install on their computers.

When Nearby Sharing comes out

Android 11 will send data to Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS

Nearby Sharing will be released with Android 11, but this is not accurate

If Google really manages to unite different platforms, including desktop ones, using Nearby Sharing, it will be a real victory. Indeed, until now, the proprietary technology of the search giant looked frankly weak compared to its main competitor, AirDrop. The solution Apple was preferable because it covered a really wide range of devices regardless of platform and age, and Nearby Sharing will obviously only work with smartphones based on Android 11, which is strong will limit the scope of its application. However, supporting computers inevitably increases the potential of the technology.

It is unknown when Nearby Sharing will become available to users. Most likely, Google will launch the technology simultaneously with the release of Android 11, but there is no reliable information on the timing of the update yet. Given that the company had to postpone the launch of beta testing twice Android 11, it is likely that the new version of the OS will become available for download by the end of November, and even then only to owners of Google Pixel smartphones. But even in this case, there is no guarantee that Google will have time to complete the preparation of the technology for launch and will not postpone it indefinitely.

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