Advertising banners were found in Galaxy Z Flip for 120 thousand rubles

The Galaxy Z Flip was unveiled on February 11 at the Unpacked 2020 presentation. This is not the first smartphone in a similar form factor, the sales of the Motorola Razr began earlier, which was the first phone with a horizontal hinge. Both phones cost a lot of money, but one of them offers users in-system ads and the other doesn't. Coated advertising has already become the norm for many manufacturers. If earlier users admired banners only in games, applications and websites, today they are met by advertising in the system itself. And this certainly cannot evoke emotions of delight.

Advertising banners were found in Galaxy Z Flip for 120 thousand rubles

Advertising banners were found in Galaxy Z Flip for 120 thousand rubles

Advertising in smartphones Xiaomi

Nowadays, many Chinese manufacturers are inserting ads into their phones. A company Xiaomi would be a good example. I, as the owner of such a device, can confirm the fact that MIUI feels like a good operating system with many bugs, imperfections, a bunch of garbage applications and ads.

Want to change your desktop wallpaper? In this case, a service application will open that includes paid themes. And this is all over the system – everywhere there is some kind of mess, a lot of rubbish and unnecessary software.

Recently, Samsung smartphone users started complaining about ads, and the Galaxy Z Flip was no exception. A photo of a phone has appeared on the web with the “Phone” application running with an advertisement in the center. How do you like that?

Advertising banners were found in Galaxy Z Flip for 120 thousand rubles

Advertising on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone

And if in the case of Xiaomi everything depends on the low cost, then in the case of Samsung it is not entirely clear why users of a phone for 120 thousand rubles should look at ads. Then you can buy iPhone for the same money, where there is nothing like this.

Why are manufacturers embedding ads?

The fact is that Xiaomi practically does not profit from their devices. In 2017, the company earned just $ 2 from each phone. Today, I think this figure is much higher, but it is still obvious that when you sell a device with AMOLED – screen, 6 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 710 processor for 14 thousand rubles, while Motorola Razr with similar hardware is priced at $ 1,500, then, of course, you are forced to use advertising in the operating system in order to somehow compensate for the low profit from phone sales. And this, however, I agree in the case of Xiaomi.

Advertising in Samsung smartphones

But the situation with Samsung in this matter is more interesting. The company might not be inserting ads into flagship phones, but it does it anyway. I think this is, rather, a mistake, and the Koreans hardly wanted to use advertising on the phone for 120 thousand rubles. The presence of advertising in One UI is due to the low cost of phones in the budget and mid-budget segment. If you look at the Galaxy A line, you can understand that 20 thousand rubles for the A51 is not such a big amount. In addition, Samsung has hundreds of stores in Russia alone. But you have to pay for the rent of the premises, and the shop workers also have to pay. Unlike Xiaomi, Samsung's expenses for such things are much higher, and that's why the presence of advertising in the operating system can be justified, but only if we are talking about the inexpensive Galaxy A line. In the case of flagships, this certainly unacceptable, in my opinion.

Advertising in smartphones Huawei

In January, it was reported that ads would also appear on smartphones Huawei and Honor. An ad was found on a smartphone running Harmony OS with Huawei Mobile Services. The section of the user agreement describes how advertising works. Probably Huawei decided to follow the example of not only Samsung and Xiaomi, but also Realme.

Advertising in smartphones Realme

Oppo recently started rolling out a ColorOS 7 update for devices Realme, which includes a recommendation display feature by default. Recommendations mean the presence of advertising banners. They can be turned off in the settings, just like on the phone Xiaomi, but most users won't even be able to find a switch that turns off ads.

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